Once upon a time, detective series involve a single detective like Columbo or Petrocelli (a lawyer cum investigator). Otherwise, they have two persons like Starsky and Hutch.

It is very realistic. You know why? ‘Cos it only takes ONE single detective to catch a single bad guy or sometimes a whole mafia gang. They drive lauyah cars and wear shabby clothes. They eat donuts and drink coffee, while staking out their target.

But now? They have a whole department of staffs and a whole lot of specialists with a multitude of techie machines to catch one single bad guy. The people wear designer suits, expensive dresses and eat at French restaurants.

Oh man, these are so fakey.

My close relative works in the Jabatan Kimia Malaysia and I can tell you that there is nothing that resembles CSI. Nah…ah. Remember the mattress of a certain high profile ex-politican which was brought to the court house? Yeah, it was given lots of DNA tests too. And the ahli kimia is just your regular uncle from your neighbourhood who are forced to wear a tie to appear in court. Wheregot glamer macam CSI?

Anyway, go back to your CSI series….Sorry for interuptting your show with my attention catching title.

18 thoughts on “Murder

  1. Wat do u expect oh? V all lived in M’sia wat. No budget for Jab Kimia to buy those sofistikated tech. Anyway, who cares if Jab Kimia even exist? Got $$$, anything can settle.

  2. Detectives – Tracks people, uses Logic, deductive resoning, high tech equipments on the move.
    Forensic Officers – Works with evidence as ordered by detectives.. Muahahaha…

  3. simon – Damn, I don’t even know which show is that. Care to tell me or I will need to search through a whole museum for that. Better still – with your photographic memory, please, please go blog about those old, old show. I like L.A. Law too. Remember that.

    n305er – And?

    kasba – During the 911, I really lost my faith with the real agencies. I mean, we have often seen on TV how canggih manggih they are and yet a big thing like this can happen under their noses.

    Lee – Yeah, you can. Eat instant mee every day. Hahaha. When I was in HK, all I see are people on MTRs.

    Wingz – This is a skill.

    Joe – Oi, oi, the Jabatan Kimia is very clean wan eh. Don’t mistaken with other blue uniform ones,ok?

    Jimmy – Ya, I hope the ‘originator’ gets enough attention.

  4. Bawang Merah – Eh, eh, your memory so good? I was only about 10 years old that time, oso cannot remember any of the name dy.

  5. Detective Jack Lord, played Steve McGarrett on HAWAII-5-0!!!

    He used to say that whenever they catched the criminal… Dano is his assistant Danny Williams…

  6. Simon – now I am beginning to wonder if you are real human or a computer. How can you remember that much! Salute! I am still trying to remember the music from Hawaii-5-0.

  7. I pity the ones who are unable to discern the fact that Da Vinci Code is FICTION. I knew a gal who said that Dan Brown should ‘burn in hell’ for blaspheming like that. That’s harsh, despite Dan Brown being a crappy writer who sticks to the same formula in all his books (someone dies, Langdon investigates, Langdon meets hot babe, hot babe turns out to be related to guy who died in chapter 1, someone who seemed like the good guy at first is the bad guy), after all, he’s just writing FICTION.

  8. Did you notice CSI keep showing homicide case? Yes, they are dealing with corpse… and it is not a pleasant job. And not to scare people off from becoming CSI, the show must give some “positive” encouragement on CSI team, such as luxurious lifestyle, etc.

    In fact, I read an article about corpse that “disintegrate”, the smell is really bad and it will stick to on you for weeks. So even CSI don’t deal directly with the corpse, it is still unpleasant job….. And that’s the other side of CSI story. 😉

  9. “duh-duh-duh-duh, DAAAAAAA-duh….”

    shows Jack Lord standing on a balcony of a seaside apartment, then pans quickly away like on a helicopter…

    Waves rises high and the words Hawaii 5-0 appear…

  10. Honestly, I have no respect for Malaysia’s investigators at all. Mainly because personally, I’ve been inside 3 crime scene and saw everything they did… I could come out with better conclusions then them everytime…

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