Da Vinci Code – But you are Catholic!

I read the book in late 2003. I got curious because an atheist and two Muslims talked about it. Their lack of revealation about the story pique my curiousity so much, I immediately went out and bought the book and finished it within 2 days.

Later on, ‘some people’ knew about it and bombed me with “But you are Catholic!”. And my response was, “So? I actually wanted to lend my book to my church’s priest. It is such a thriller.”

Someone I knew online also asked me, “Ei, auntie, I saw that you have the Da Vinci Code. What do you think of the errr…….”

My reply, “Oh, you mean whether I believe Mary Magdalene is an important figure and that Jesus had a daughter?”

His reply, “Ya, errmm…how?”

My reply, “Of course, I believe the Bible! And it is not because of what the Bible (that some people see as a book) only. I believe in God because of the marvellous things that had happened to me when I start to follow Christ and His Word.”

Sadly, not everyone has that kind of faith in Christ and the Word. That ‘somebody’ is still adamant that none of ‘us’ should read the Da Vinci Code or we are betrayers. I think not. We should have a faith strong enough to discern what is fiction (and a blardy good suspense novel) from the Word of God.

Want spoilers? Go to the Catholic.com for it. I had mentioned that this is a great FICTION. And here’s what the site said:

It isn’t a defense to say that The Da Vinci Code is a work of fiction. Fiction can’t change the basic facts about major historical figures without being subject to criticism. People would be outraged if Doubleday printed a novel portraying Adolph Hitler in a positive light. Christians have a right to be outraged when the basic historical facts about Christ are falsified. The criticism will be even more intense when a publisher releases a book parodying the most sacred beliefs of others in this fashion.

I am not bothered if non-Christians felt amused and entertained with the stories from the Da Vinci Code. But I do get worried when people who should have a firmer stand than me in the faith starts to wonder….. A great fiction and I hope it makes a fantastic movie too.

12 thoughts on “Da Vinci Code – But you are Catholic!

  1. woohooo!! RB & me…:) i have to agree with u lilian. i’m in the midst of reading it now. i find it facinating as well as intriguing. i think dan brown did a fantastic join weaving a fiction between some facts. i am catholic too n just like u mentioned, many ppl out there think that if u read this book, u will lose ur faith but hey, if a book is all that takes to shaken your belief – time to straighten up n be strong. one group leader in my church said that she was afraid to read this book because it might make her confuse n play with her mind. i think it shows that u cant differentiate between fiction and fact.

    your religion is what u believe in n NOTHING should shake that foundation. sometimes faith is all you need and seeing doesn’t really mean you will believe.

  2. Yvy – Hey, that ‘seeing doesn’t really mean you will believe’ ought to be told to every bloggers. I just came back from some site and think it is nothing but a fluke and yet, some people believe buta-buta. I saw you dropped a comment there too. In fact, there are two now.

    RB – Cannot wait for the movie!

  3. I think the public is wise enough to differentiate between facts and fiction. I really hate those idiots out there who have a “holier than thou” attitude.

    I am a catholic myself. I read all kinds of books and watch all kinds of movies. The more I watch, the more I believe that there is a greater power up there (whatever name we give him) watching over us.

    Given the miracle that happen to our son after his traumatic delivery, my faith has became strongest ever.

    A book by Dan Brown is not enough to take my faith away, this cannot be said of those weak minded 😛

  4. I pity the ones who are unable to discern the fact that Da Vinci Code is FICTION. I knew a gal who said that Dan Brown should ‘burn in hell’ for blaspheming like that. That’s harsh, despite Dan Brown being a crappy writer who sticks to the same formula in all his books (someone dies, Langdon investigates, Langdon meets hot babe, hot babe turns out to be related to guy who died in chapter 1, someone who seemed like the good guy at first is the bad guy), after all, he’s just writing FICTION.

  5. i loved DVC! he’s a good writer esp when it comes to description of the paintings and stuff.. it may not be real, but it sure intrigues people to want to know more about the art 😉

  6. I guess these are the same ppl who buys thier kids R18 video game and blames the whole world for thier violent act.. *sigh*

  7. And don’t forget about the guy who say women must cover up properly or he’d lose control over himself and rape them….different things, but same principles.

  8. ya ka? well, i’ve dropped SO many comments cant remember where di lar…? plus, i’m far from perfect – sometimes i oso buta-buta mah….hehehe!! 😛

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