Some bloggers just pissed me off

If you have nothing to write, just shut the fuck up.

If you intend to be a saint, then do something constructive about it.

If not, don’t copycat other bloggers style and try to draw attention to your blog.

Remember this – some bloggers can carry off the style. Some assholes like you just don’t have the style. No matter how you try to copy, you just sucks.

And if men ranted too much, they are just lame ah kuas!

And if a man cannot stop boasting about their manhood, it just proves how ah kuas they are.

And no one is interested to know the number of brainless bimbos that pass your way. Because only lame ah kuas attract brainless bimbos.

BTW, are you people out there experiencing lagging? And MSN not loading?

On an unrelated matter ……

Oh yes, good people from Penang, please read my parenting blog calling for blood type O negative donor. A little girl needs it. I had called the hospital this morning and full details can be found here. I know the hospital as my 2nd home previously. Too bad my atm’s blood type is not suitable. But call the hospital lab first if you intend to go over. O negative can only receives from O negative.

36 thoughts on “Some bloggers just pissed me off

  1. Paul – so it is not me alone. Great!

    RB – kenot access other sites, come to mine! LOL

    Eliar – The clues are there. ;o) You just need to unravel on the street.

  2. You forgot my favorite blog annoyance:

    People who copy-cut-paste newspaper articles from the NY Times or Boston Globe or Washington Post (etc) word for word in their entirety with no additional content and a link back to the very article they just plagarized as if that’s okay.

  3. streamyx really sux…
    but its ok now for me after restarting my pc

    5xmom: dun get so mad la… amatuer bloggers are learning to blog… so… sometimes they just offend the plagarism stuff… šŸ™‚

  4. I have no problem connecting to MSN after I went to reset (on and off) my modem and router. Mr. Tiu Nia Sing called the number and it was diverted to a mailbox ler.

  5. Jason – If it is the parents number, then, do you think the parents of the child has time to entertain thousand of phone calls? Use your head and think? Anyway, why tell me about TNS?

    toxicle – Me A+.

  6. dave – nothing to do with plagarism la. ;o)

    Elana – You know what is even more sickening? Local bloggers plagiarise local bloggers stuff with absolutely no references. It happened to one of the blogger I know.

  7. No idea. There’s someone from MMU with O negative blood wanted to contact the parent with the given phone number, but was also diverted to voicemail. Coz TNS went to call the number? Heh~!

    Quoted : “My name is Rajibul Anam. HP# 017-3749825. My blood group is O- and I want to donate my blood. I tried to call the given number in the forwarded message but was diverted to voicemail and nobody answered. If anyone know how to contact them, please tell them to call me or inform me.”

  8. Jason – I am not interested to know, ok? I gave the hospital telephone number already? See? So, don’t bother me with these stuffs.

  9. yup, couldnt connect to msn or any sites, and i thought something happened to my modem or network card again…phew!! glad to know i’m not alone! yay!!

  10. hmmm…
    some bloggers in PPS really pissed me off la..
    they ping on PPS but i found that the blog need members login!
    kanasai… what for ping in public then?

  11. Yeah, I received in KL two messages asking for the same for some kid in some Chinese-sounding (Nam something) Penang hospital. I have no idea what my blood type is. And to think I was told my blood type just a few months ago.

    I’m dissapointed in myself.

  12. Rajan – Actually blood donation can be done all the time, anytime. So, one can always donate it, whether someone needs it or not. It will be stored in the blood bank.

    cyber-red – Heheheh, sekali sekala.

    dave – PPS has too many bloggers-wannabe LOL

  13. Why are you so grossed and pissed off? Give the beginners a chance and don’t be so boastful mama!

  14. 1st ATM at home you start to rant. Now still ranting. PMS for real this time? Full moon coming up soon.

  15. wow,news really travel fast when help is needed.
    Thank God malaysians do help fill the need when the need arises. šŸ˜€
    at first, i though it was another hoax but later i found out it was not..and a nurse from the same hospital had the type O- donated to the little girl.
    i’m just curious, i’m O+..does it work with O-?

  16. aka Brian – Yeah, it is amazing how far and wide the news travel. There is an article in the paper today.

    sexymum – Enuff of asking me PMS yet or not, tired of the same question leh.

    narrowband – Wah…lucky I am not your neighbour.

    echanch – If you don’t know what I am talking about, which almost everybody also don’t, don’t try to act smart, ok?

    Big Bok – I can’t stand it when people uses the life of a little girl to bitch rant in the name of blogging. Just look at how many times Jason try to assert something meaningless?

    Kuzco – Ok for us already.

  17. Big BoK – Ok, lemme tell you in longer para. You see, there was this SMS messages that go nationwide calling for blood donation. The hospital is where Vincent used to stay and hence, I know the workings of the place. I called the paediatric ward to find out if this is true. So, they told me the girl is a cardiac patient (in surgery). They say we can call the lab to find out if blood is still needed. I blog it in my parenting blog with telephone numbers of the hospital.

    Matter settled.

    Then, I wrote this pissing blog with reference to an unknown person. It is my blog and there are 10,000 bloggers out there which I can point to.

    But as usual, this pathetic Jason came by and made references to Tiuniasing. I called Jason pathetic because he had made assumptions, which makes an ass out of him, many times. He try to read between the lines and made something out of nothing. He never knows when to shut up.

    He caused Tiuniasing unncessary agigation because in the first place, I did not mention TNS name at all. So, you see? TNS now makes an ass out of himself because he blogged that I refer to him. It is a case of who eats chillies, feel hot.

    Jason had pissed me before. Once, I left a joke in April Yim’s blog. It was a friendly joke and this assholes go and left a comment after mine, telling April that I perasan. I wasn’t aware of it until much later when I stumbled upon it. This is the boy whom I had fondly referred as my ‘khai cai’. This little prick is so ah kua, often sticking around all the aunties blogs. Yeah, he is lame. And the blog is talking about him too. You know why? Because he will PING his blogs to PPS, twice each time just so that he can get double traffic.

    I know he will read this. So, Jason, you better go look at yourself in the mirror because I had stand by you when you are in trouble with your parents. I forget what you did to me in April’s blog, I eat my pride, return to your blog to clear your situation with your parents. And guess you never learnt. Fools never learn. And yeah, one more things – only fools will tell the world they cry over every damn little thing. You have to learn to be tougher. Sorry that you cannot differentiate what is blog world and real world. You are one fuck-up guy who mixed both.

  18. URGENT!! lilian….this person is trying to call but cannot get through. i got this from a friend who was on yahoo msg. maybe u can help :-

    Rajibul Anam. HP#0173749825

  19. aiya…see lar, so kenchiong wanna help – u already got the number.

    lesson learnt – always check out other post b4 posting ur own. sigh. sorry hor. pls ignore my post.

  20. Hey..Lilian,
    Sorry to hear about the above. Ppl are so strange..!! we never layan them.. but they love to layan us..!! cannot let us rant at our own space ..??!!?? just like some ppl in my small town.. and of course my CCB neighbour lah..!
    At least you donch have to see their faces everyday.

  21. BigBoK – yeah, right, at least when I peek through my windows, I see green trees and not the CCBs. Gee, I so love the acronyms! LOL!

    Yvy – It is in The Star paper today. And MageP blogged it too.

  22. If you don’t like their style, you can always choose not to read, that’s what I do anyway.

    I believe anyone can write whatever they wish, afterall this is one of the last places for free speech. Relatively anyway.

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