The newspapers are sitting there, waiting…

It is Monday. Time almost 4pm. Yesterday papers are still waiting for me to be read. The only section I read is Dear Thelma which I often read before I ran off to church. Sort of take a good look (and laughs) at some of the peoples’ follies and then, I have something bad to confess at mass. Like Oh Lord, I had been bad because I laughed at others who let their other heads and mouths rule their lifes..

We have The News Straits Times and The Sunday Star delivered to us on weekends and only The Star on weekdays.

The papers pile up real fast, contributing to lots of recycling money for my neighbour and my part-time helper. The guy who delivered the newspaper is a nice Indian man who wore his Sunday best when he goes dating. So, it is nice to contribute business for him to belanja the sweet lass he dates.

Why are some of the papers remained untouched? You tell me.

6 thoughts on “The newspapers are sitting there, waiting…

  1. Because Malaysian journalists are boring and cannot write as well as Malaysian bloggers? Just kidding! (maybe)

  2. Even though the NST and The Star give us mainly ‘government’ news, I still read them for the advertisements. But I also read The Sun and Malaysiakini.com for ‘alternative news.’

  3. Since the day the papers is controlled by politikus party, white paper become scarce and expensive. That’s the reason why white paper also got branding ;), you know, the A4 paper :p

    I tell you why many people don’t read paper nowsaday, it is not because of “alternate media”, but because it is boring. The editor usually choose stupid politikus news, which is cheap (because the reporter don’t need to travel far), safe (will no offend any politikus), and easy (they just copy and paste the wording from the politikus speech). Repeat this for 365 days.

    And to make thing worst, even Ah-Kau, Ah Miao politikus and minister occupied some paper column, repeat those “my mom is a female” stuff over and over again.

  4. i love to read newspapers. first thing in the morning, i read the physical paper. never had untouch papers in the house, unless it is after holidays. (but still, i will have to flip it page by page until all read or glanced..)

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