Check your facts and go donate your blood.


Penang General Hospital. Blood bank stock indicator. Passer-bys can know by looking at the indicator light whether the hospital is in urgent need of blood.

Yesterday, I blogged about the call for blood donation for type O negative. I gave the hospital telephone number and asked the public to call the hospital lab before thinking of going over. I spoke to the staff nurse in the paediatric ward who told me the little girl had gone for an operation.

Apparently, with the advance technology, news spread fast and it went as far as Sarawak. Well, some kind people did come forward to help. Some were searching high and low. Some called the telephone number provided (which definitely will not be answered because the parents are busy attending to their child).

Today, The Star has published the news :

Check before passing on SMS

The gist of it which we may want to note:

She said Jia Yin, a Year Three student of SJK(C) Keong Hoe, suddenly suffered a stroke at school on Wednesday, later found to have been caused by a tumour in her heart, a rare condition called atrial myxoma.

Lam Wah Ee blood bank’s consultant pathologist Dr P.K. Das, who also received the SMS, said the hospital had obtained six units of O negative blood on Saturday after calling donors with the rare blood group registered with the hospital.

“We advise those with rare blood types to register with the hospital so that we can call them in future if the need arises,” he said.

So, good people out there, go donate your blood. You can do it anywhere, private or Government Hospital. Even if you donate it in a private hospital, the hospital doesn’t sell’ your blood. They may charge the patient who receive the blood some charges for lab and handling charges. And hospitals swap their supplies. Say, a private hospital urgently needs the blood which are not in stock, they will ask from other hospitals including the Government Hospital.

It is good to donate your blood. Do it regularly. Err…I can’t contribute ‘cos I am rejected twice so I am helping to campaign only. And donate the organs, as well. Do something good.

6 thoughts on “Check your facts and go donate your blood.

  1. My blood type is “B“, i suppose because “B” for Bryan. 😀

    Donated a few times before, but if you ask me to go to Hospital alone and donate, it seems kind of weird. Usually I’ll donate when I see a campaign or friend/relative asks me to go along and it’s quite spontaneous wan.

  2. Wah, so easy to remember. B for Bryan. If you are going to donate blood, better to go with a friend la. ‘Cos the lab smells so ‘hospital’. After taken the blood, smell it also want to pengsan liao.

  3. Tumour in her heart? Holy cow. This is impossible. Some human body organ cells, e.g. eye and heard, can never reproduce thus have no chance to develop tumor/cancer. Perhaps tumour “nearby” her heart.

    When one is hit by heart attack, their heart will suffered serious damage. The recovery is pretty slow because the human body can reproduce heart cells to replace the damage part. If heart cells can reproduce, it will be a great breakthrough for people who suffer heart problem.

    If the tumour really growth inside her heart, I bet RM0.20 with you, all the heart expert alround the world will give her free treatments.

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