Mambo, sucky sites and bo liao adult toys

PART A – Mambo CMS

I had spent the last 2 hours reading, testing and understanding Mambo. I am getting there, I tell you! I know what is Categories, Modules, Content and yeap, I even found the Mambohut! Woohoo!

Soon I will have major adrenalin rush when I get around to change templates. Either that. Or. My webhost is going to get major heart attack when I panic-ked and email “SOS! I killed the whole site!!!”

Oh well, no pain, no gain.

PART B – Sucky sites

I had forgotten whose blog I dropped this comment. I think it is Danny Foo’s blog. Do you all notice that some of the gahmen’s webshites is soooo lauyah (ancient)? Don’t point fingers that I am boasting, ok? I am serious.

I surfed a lot for health related matters like malaria, denggi, aedes, haze, worms etc. In the name of education. Eventhough some of these conditions/illness/whatever is localised to our country, you can never find anything useful on our local Government webshites. Most of the time, my searches will point me to the Malaysian Medical Resources which is a weblog by a few local doctors.

It is sad why our country important authorities seems to find it so hard to update their webshites. For e.g. during the peak of the haze in Penang, the DOE’s website wasn’t update over the weekend.

And try checking out Tourism Malaysia webshites. The main one? I tell you. The gif image can gives you a seizure. The one in the middle of the page, on the right side? I think millions of tourists must have fled after surfing upon it.

PART C – Bo liao (Hokkien for no more)

Ahem, this is to put on record that I had taken off my Amazon advertisement for adult toys. Kehkehkeh….because it is not very proper. It projects the wrong image of me. *put on goofy grin*

8 thoughts on “Mambo, sucky sites and bo liao adult toys

  1. gahmen always like that wan. open big website and spend a lot of money. they ask mat salleh to do this and that. after that, no one know how to update. next time pay some local who can do a better job and update it at least frequently.

    the mat salleh know shit about us meh!

  2. Yup, you did leave the note on my website. Hmm, maybe I should employ a comment permalink thingy to my blog next round. šŸ™‚ Anyway, that government website has a database error. LoL! And I suppose to government sector is too bothered about their political prowess compared to their websites that they think no one really uses it much. šŸ˜

  3. Ah talking about some gov authorities websites. I been to a lot of gov website which has not been update even for months. If im a tourist, before i went for a holiday in the country, i would go and surf trying to look for information on the country or even upcoming events.

    Im very much disappointed as well. They never tought this will increase our country image and attract more tourist in different ways. This is my opinion lah .

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