Mom teach how to get chicks

Look at poor me! Do you know what my mommy is teaching me?


She said I must learn this skill only can get chicks. My mom knows I like to eye baby girls a lot.

So she insisted I must learn. She showed me many times and I tried doing it.


After a whole day of practice……see? I was in pyjamas at first (morning). Then during the afternoon, I was shirtless. Because my heartless mom said if I go shirtless, it saves her electricity, dish washing powder and the energy and time to fold my shirts.

After a whole day of practice, mom said I am now a little buaya! I can go out and wink at those baby girls out there. Woohoo!


But then….when my papa got home in the evening, he said,

“When you wink, you cannot afford to drool and also senget the head to one side like that! *sheesh*…… Or else all the chicks will run away.”

(you can’t see the saliva very clearly because my mom’s photoshop has expired and she is using free software)

Now, my mom has to co-ordinate my eye, my swallowing saliva reflex and also my head balancing. It is hard being my mom, ya?

Laugh what laugh? Don’t play-play with my mom. You all better say I cute or else she diss you all.

24 thoughts on “Mom teach how to get chicks

  1. haha cute boy u have there!! *big hugs to the lil fella* *psst, tell mummy must wear shirt la, later all the baby girls run away!~*

  2. Veeery cute boy you have there Lilian. Dont forget to tell him he needs a shirt in a few years or the police will be at your door LOL

    LOL Try reading this using’s translator… when I left the only Benglish was yea man,and lah.. it has since come a long way hehehe

  3. haiyoh, this mummy go teach you all the wrong things. nowadays no more wink wink ler. that’s soooo Fonz of Happy Days time. go ask your mummy to send you to the real buaya school in kl. our lecturers are wingz, wilwolf and ahpek. guest lecturer is the hustler. so much better than your mum. bwahahahaha! btw, you are cute! but wilwolf’s girl and my girls are OFF-LIMITS, you hear? we train them to eat buaya’s for desert. muahahahahar!

  4. Papi – I show my toddler Yiyi photo everyday. One day if they meet, he sure bowl her over with his winks.

    Yee Wei – He was trying so hard to wink at first, so he uses his palm to force his eye to close. Like that face, how to swoon.

    Mr B! – Right, I must send him to your akademi buaya-sia.

    Brian – Hehehe

    Yvonne – Benefit of being mama (but really, he is scared I wiped out the whole site in the process and he will end up with more work in reviving it)

    babe – They seem to know to use only one side of the eye at the moment. He is 2.5 yrs old.

    romantic – Yeah, I tried it with Dr Liew’s swallow’s bird and it is a riot!

    egghead – Your little skywalker very lengchai oso, I think we all next time busy leh.

    nicktay – I hope he grow out of the baby face ‘cos he looks like a little puppy now. LOL!

    jean – Never mind, next time, got huge muscles and hairy chests, no need shirt lagi swoon.

    Bryan – It’s not too late, you can read from books or offer tea to Mr. Belacan, the original Buaya69 to be sifu.

    Paul – Thanks! I had read the tutorial but see that it needs deleting some files so I dare not venture further.

    boo – Hahaha, my eldest is driving me nuts with the phone calls, MSN and etc. I am learning to endure telephone porridge, as it is now.

    Samm – You can bet on it.

    kyels – Thank you!

  5. Matthew, you are cute. But your mummy a bit hum-sup. šŸ™‚ šŸ™‚ šŸ™‚ šŸ™‚ šŸ™‚ šŸ™‚ šŸ™‚ šŸ™‚ HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!

  6. Hahaha.. So cute!
    But aiyo.. daddy go make mummy’s work harder now. So how?? Boyboy happy or not, cos tomorrow got new technique to learn again??

    Hehehe.. šŸ˜€

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