Worms, worms, worms

Ever get that? Did your mom ever pull worms out of your anus? These worms are so slippery, you need a good grip to tug it out from the safe haven of your belly.

Err…I hope all the lunches had been digested?

We were having serious parenting discussion whether it is necessary to de-worm our children and I had blogged some facts about them. But there are gross stuffs that cannot appear at either place – the forum nor the parenting blog. The Fear Factor kind.

Long time ago, wearing slippers were not the norm. Children ran around barefooted in the kampong. We have white soft sands and green, green grass. But sometimes, the sands were infested with chicken droppings.

Then, there were no use and flush toilets but outhouses with buckets. The kind where you kept your deposits and wait for the nightsoil handler to clear every week or so. In between, the bucket will be filled with yeah, maggots. Thank God, I was too young to remember much.

So, everywhere is filled with lots and lots of worms eggs. Worm eggs travelled up into little children’s bellies and made their home there. They produce generations and generations of worms.

Some big worms, some small worms, some tiny ones and come in all shapes. They made the children’s belly huge, their appetite increase/decrease (depending on what worms monopolise) and their anus itchy because the worms travelled out to see the world.

It was the norm to feed children with deworming medicine. There were no imported, orange flavoured syrup. Only horrible bitter, Chinese powdered medicine.

Wahlau-eh, the damn medicine is damn powderful, man. The next day, Mr. Worm and family will decide that the belly of little children is not nice to stay anymore and they travelled out. Some died because of the Chinese medicine. But big ones stay alive and ought to be tugged out.

The old folks would tell us children horror stories of how Ah Beng from the next kampung who refused to swallow the medicine yadda yadda (in trying to get the children to take the med) and one day, worms came out of Ah Beng’s ear, nose, eyes, anus and mouth.

*Excuse me, let me go and puke first.*

Coming up next – Women who actually rear worms in the belly in the name of beauty.

But errr… have anyone of you ever get worms pulled out of your anus before?

22 thoughts on “Worms, worms, worms

  1. Nooo~! Yucks!
    I’ve had some deworming medicine before… But it was not those old chinese herbal type. During my time, ZENTAL was already invented and unlike usual medicine where we just take 1 or 2 tablespoons each time for several times a day… The label says… Drink the whole bottle.. O.o

    Okay lor…

    My mom expected worms the next day… Bwahahaha…
    Nothing. Maybe just a maggot or 2.. but no big worm… My appetite remained the same, everything remained the same…

    Well, I guess that at that young age… Rice and veggie wasn’t good food. Ice cream and chocolate is more like it.. šŸ˜›

    And also, kids can get infected by touching pets as well. Pets will run around the garden or the streets stepping on everything sniffing on poop… Then come home and play with the kids… Or adults… :mrgreen:

  2. omg…I only ate deworming medicine once before…Zentel ah? Forgot lah but I never got worms tugged out from my butt before. Euuuu

  3. worm? i hope it not in my body. yarksss. my mother is a nurse at kkia. when i was a kid, she will give an hospital medicine if there r any simptom about worms in my body.

  4. see??? THIS is the reason why i’m terrified of taking worm medication. same thing if u have puppies…. u get to see a whole pile of worms which look like 50 sen worth of mee hoon on the floor n it’s DAMN scary shit. vet says they either puke it or shit it – my guess is my 2 pups brought the worms forth from behind. eeeeeeuuuu…..disgusting n scary n yioh!! thank goodness no need to pull out!! yuck!

    *going to puke*

  5. Yvy – You bad. Now I won’t dare to eat economy beehoon for months! LOL!

    simon – You remember the advertisment? Cacing kerawit, cacing ……Made every parent sure go out and buy one bottle.

    kasba – Lucky, got free med.

    Chieftat – Hahaha, they must have committed suicide before coming out through that hole.

    S-Kay – I think the modern medicine not so powderful lah.

    n305er – No wonder you are so thin. Maybe you still got cacing in the tummy?

  6. yeah i remember the ad. This big arrow with the word combantrin written on squashes 3 worms (one of them has a devil head!!)

  7. yup…got two pulled from down there at two different occasions. I had a totally ‘kampung’ lifestyle, and one day just 1 or 2 days after having the medic (was given in school), while running around playing, I felt ‘geli-geli’ down there. Got home, asked my bro to use two sticks and pull it for me. The feeling is undescribable;). My sister was so ‘pandai’, had the medic in her mouth, casually walked to a plant pot and when people not looking, spit that out as she was just too ‘penakut’. I rather had them out though so ‘geli’.

  8. Lol… I have excelent appetite now. Just that i have a very fast errr… Something something.. Biology related.. Can’t remember the name…

  9. Hahahaa, 5xmom didn’t say one thing : children like finger into their mouth. That’s how the old day kampung children got worm.

    There’s lots of chinese story about de-worming. Some is true and some is myth.

    One of my favourite :
    A doctor prescribe high dosage of arsenic in the medicine for the patient who suffer long term worm problem. The doctor warn the patient family NOT to give any medication if the initial failed to deworm. The doctor warn the family member that the patient can withstand the high initial poison dosage. If the dosage reduced, it will not work, and the weakened patient due to the 1st dosage should not take the medication anymore. However, the patient family “sin-kar”, afraid the huge dosage poisoning, they let the patient drink the 50% of the medicine. So 50% dosage, only 50% effective lar. The family forget the doctor warning and give remaining 50%, but the patient is too weak after the initial deworm and die.

  10. moo_t – Aresenic? Ewwws….so deadly, 1% given only human oso can die la.

    n305er – Wah, lucky lor, can eat eat and eat.

    mama22beas – Ewws….terror la you! Mine was only one but besar-besar.

    simon – Yeah, with horns somemore. LOL!

  11. Hehehehhee, anything too much also can kill. Drink too much water also can kill mah :p

    Luckily the deworm medicine don’t have “recreation” value, otherwise you will see a sixthseal review.. hahahahaha

  12. I still remember ohhh, when I was little kiddo. My ‘sifat’ darn itchy. Feels like sumtin moving. Then go pangsai. After ppuuuttt out sai piece by piece, can see worms moving on d sai. But sifat still itchy. Puuuppp more out. Can see more white colour worms. Darn smelly lor. D sai sumore a bit yellowish in colour lor. But hard hard one lor, like cikolat.

  13. Euuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu……………this is so so gross. I’m pretty sure I’m gonna imagine that there are worms trying to escape my tummy the next time my ‘hole’ gets itchy.

    OMG..Yvy..argh…50 cents worth of mee hoon?? Euuuu

  14. this is a very disturbing post.

    i once had deworming medicine that tasted like rat piss (not that i’ve tried rat piss). didn’t look down while i was taking a dump to check tho.

  15. Blech….. just after I stuffed my self with nasi ulam.. but mum sez Canadian herbs no worms LOL

  16. 5xmom : hahaha!! well they were kinda whitish – more like singapore bee hoon. LOL šŸ˜›

    s-kay : really wan!!!! šŸ˜›

  17. My mom pulled out one from my sis’s sifat when we were small. I was standing in front of the jamban there grinning. Hehehehe

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