Dear God, please fell that tree


Dear God
You swiped that tree down. Can you also swipe another one, next to it? So that those damn crows no longer can make a home and shit on my car every day. Those crows which shit purple, green, black and white splattered shits on my windscreen, door handle and almost everywhere.

But God, You love me. Please remember two things. Protect all the good people so that no one gets hurt in case the tree fell like the other did. And if You want to hurt the cars, please pick a day when it is not my personal car, the grey big large tank that is park there. Pick the golden brown one because that car is a company’s car and if You make it a total-loss, we get a new car to ride.

Thank You, God. I love You too.


And now, I bring you the news. A big, big 10 plus years old tree broke its huge branch and came tumbling down last night. Fuwah, the sound was so loud, I thought one of my neighbour committed suicide by jumping from eleh, 5th floor apartment. It was just a few cars away from my Naza. Thank God. Some cars were dented.

Moral of the story : Always adopt the attitude of the lallang (a kind of weed with long leaves). It sways and sways and can never be uprooted, no matter how bad the weather is. Don’t be like the oak tree. One time tumble, you are history. Hope you know about this Chinese philosophy?

8 thoughts on “Dear God, please fell that tree

  1. Jesus Christ, just to protext your car from some natur’s shit you have to invoke the name of God to “swipe” down that tree – a heineous environmental crime.

    Move your car to another place, or put in a cover!

  2. simon – I can blog just about anything. Sked dy, gambling is against my religion. I have to put too many disclaimer, potong stim.

    Yvonne – You mean as a bad omen? Well, Jesus said NO ONE will know about the world ending. Hahaha. He said He will come like a thief, no warning one. This tree is because it is decayed, strong winds and heavy rain. When it rains, the water retained amongst the leaves make it very heavy.

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