Do u wanna toyboy?

Imagine this. My future husband is just 2 years old now! Gosh, can you imagine? Try? That is even younger than my toddler!

Huh? You might say. What has happened to the ‘I am going to be serious’ chant?

Well, I found something from Sweetspirit’s site. A piece of news from Australia. So, I can’t restrain my itchy fingers from typing and sharing them.

There is this Simon (oi, I am not talking about Simon of, ok?) who have this to say about his dream woman:

“She’s turned my life upside down. She is definitely the woman of my dreams. I couldn’t be more happy and don’t care about the age gap.”

Wouldn’t you go mushy if a guy tells you that?

And here’s what Edna said,

“Coming through the stage door was this lovely man.

“It really was love at first sight. He is the friendliest, funniest and most beautiful man and we are very much in love.”

The pair soon became inseparable and on Valentine’s Day this year, Simon proposed under Weston-super-Mare pier.

*sigh* I am all mushy reading the news. Hey, don’t anyone of you dare laugh at Edna and Simon, ok? ‘Cos next time, when I am 70 years old, I want to marry a 31 years old man. I am sure my atm will give his blessings from up above. LOL. And I will take it personally if anyone of you dare to laugh at me.

Because Edna and Simon said,

Their ‘artistic temperaments’ mean the age gap doesn’t matter, they insist.

Full story from The Mail Online (OZ paper)

BTW, the most comments I got on this blog is ‘Marrying a much younger man’ (52 comments). So, I guess finding a man 39 years younger than me is still an option. Only thing is now I cannot think about it ‘cos my future husband is only 2 years old. I can be hauled up whipping, you know? And I have to begin living healthily so that I can still last till 70 years old.

5 thoughts on “Do u wanna toyboy?

  1. Start saving up some (a lot) money coz you will need it in case the 31 year old toy boy don’t believe in loving somebody his mother’s or grandmother’s age.

    But, with lots of cash, he can cover your face and the wrinkles on your body with the RM or USD.

  2. Spectrakia – I got a cheaper alternative. Go Thailand and find khong tau. Black magic can works. LOL!

    Eliar – Come here, little boy.

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