Kids I want to slap

Let me get this off my chest before I call it a night. Turn my blog into a confession board.

Kid #1 – A 10 years old neighbour. He is so boastful. I want to kick him down the 3rd floor of my apartment. I seldom allow my kids to run around the neighbourhood and usually, he is restricted to sitting at the grill door for a chat or go down to the garden, within my ear shot.

I overheard my son told kid #1 that he has RM10 which he had saved. Fuwah, you know what that boastful little baboon said?

“You know ha, my father got FIVE MILLION dollars, you know.”

My kid is not stupid, wei.

Kid #2 – Also 10 years old. Just got a handphone. Damn, why must parents give their 10 years old kid handphones? To give them brain tumour, issit? Damn belagak. Like people never seen a handphone before.

I got so tiu-ed, I told my son that he cannot get out of the house and mix with them, ever.

Kid #3 – Fat like a pig. About 11-12 years old. Was at the bookstore, stoned to the TV screen showing some small toddler programme. Inane stuffs. He laughed like mad cows. After that, his mother came by and he went, BURRPP….yadda yadda talk about the silly show BURRRRPP……yadda….BURRPPP

If I am the mother of any one of the kid, I would give each a good, tight slap. Boasting and burping right into people’s face are not acceptable. Urggh….children are mirrors of their parents, aren’t they?

20 thoughts on “Kids I want to slap

  1. oh yeah! slap them kau kau! I damn beh tahan those kids like that one neh. see peh boo kah si. In austlia ar, we cant slap kis just like that, otherwise the police will stand right infront your house.. i somewhat think you need to smack them in order to educate them

  2. devilwitattitude – You got many kids?

    cynthia – Hahaha, I am joking oni. But it would be nice to imagine, though. Who dare go and slap other peeples kids hor? Kena bitch slap in return. LOL!

  3. Kid #1 deserves a slap.
    Kid #2 should get a lesson in handling money for babies
    Kid #3 should just… donno want to say.. just.. yucks!

  4. Wahahah…slap slap slap (say only lah..we slap..fuh..the parents burn your house down terus)

    Most parents nowadays too busy cari duit until they do not have the time to teach their kids to behave and to be more humble. Partly parents’ fault n partly it’s the kid’s own character also. Most lil kids I know like to boast wan coz either they damn bengang with the other friend so have to boast and be better than the boastful friend or..they mmg boast because they feel damn good after boasting.

  5. Haha. Slap, slap and slap all the way eh?

    I do agree with you, Lilian, that children are the mirrors of their own parents’. And a 10 year old kid owns a handphone… Lols… What is the world coming to today?

    And seriously, kids nowadays should be educated, so that they will not behave that way or sarcastically, stupid.

    Just my thoughts.

  6. Harrrr……this is why I said kids these days are TOO pampered. sikit2 bagi muka – SOME parents nvr take the initiative to correct them. when they grow up and turn out to be jerks, the SAME parents are cracking their heads thinking,’what did i do wrong? what did i do in my previous life to deserve this??’ ptui!! all ur (the parents of spoilt kids) fault now wanna blame higher power pulak. should b tiu-ed to the max!!

  7. Hi Lillian,
    Totally agree with you. Some kids need to be immersed in hot and cold water alternately to make them “wake up”.
    By the way, you’d probably enjoy Johnny Depp’s latest movie-Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. See how Willy Wonka deals with the naughty, haughty, si beh bo kar si kids and you feel absolutely wonderful!

  8. Don’t mean to be a party crasher. But I do think that people should not teach their kids to discriminate as well as judgemental.
    Kids are kids.. you never know what they grow up to be.

  9. Nowadays kids aso “ai bin”-mar(want face).
    Maybe should give them more faces- ask them to wear some masks first before talking.
    Then u slap them, leaving no finger marks, no evidence of slapping too.

  10. JacKing – Aiyoh, I dunwan to be hauled up for mendera kanak-kanak.

    egghead – There is a difference between discriminating, judgemental and showing kids the right from wrong. It’s the parents’ responsibilities to tell them what is acceptable behaviours and what is not. You are not suggesting we leave them to grow with all the elements of the earth?

    miracle8 – Must catch that show with the kids then. ‘Cos I love chocolates.

    Yvy – Usually when the parents do not have a lot of time to spend with the kids, we try to make it up with materials pampering. Once that has become a habit, it is hard to change. With the influence of the media, some kids are now measuring their parents love with the amount of money they spent on them kids.

    Asp – Thank you!

    Kyels – There has to be some basic manners. But unfortunately, all the cartoon channels are drawing their audiences with all these habits like food fight, slamming pies on adults (teachers included) faces, burping and even farting. So if the kids are left without any guidance on what is wrong and what is proper, they thinks that these are the normal behaviour. That boy was practically burping right into this mom’s face, 3 times and so loud, I want to puke.

    S-Kay – Hahaha, not only that. Kid #1 is not Chinese and once, went to the pasar malam with all the children in the neighbourhood (mine one included) and ate Taiwan sausages (pork) and then, boasted how many times he had eaten stuffs like charsiew, wantans, things he is not supposed to eat. Since that day, I told my kids, no way, no more. Others may think my kid influence him, horrors!

    jimmy – Say only, I won’t dare to even glare at them.

    ks – Right, 5 million hell money. Hahaha, but they don’t pray to Chinese gods leh.

  11. Slap their parents lah…
    Then when the kid ask why lilian slap their papa or mama… The parent will have to explain “You lah! you so notty! so they slap me lor.. If The kid love their parents, sure will try to change right?”

    But if the parent reply.. “Dunno… GILA one that aunty (ahem…)” Then really, a parent like that who curse and swears in front of their children deserved to be slapped…

  12. Kid #1 Slap the parents
    Kid #2 Slap the parents
    Kid #3 Slap the parents
    Kid #4 Slap the parents

    Eh Kid #4 is the one that runs around shouting at the top of their voice and knocking down everything in the way.

    But seriously, I don’t think it’s healthy to jail up your kids like that. You may be able to control them now but wait till they grow older, your problems may be worse when they get really curious and do stupid things. Instead, educate them and show them the difference between right and wrong πŸ™‚

    I’m no parent so I may be wrong … and end up having you slap me πŸ˜›

  13. firstly, where did those kids learn their atrocious manners from?

    obvious answer would be the parents.

    so let’s tackle the root cause of the problem:

    kids learn from their parents. if parents set bad example, kids learn bad things.

    therefore, parents are to blame & ought to be punished.



  14. lynee – Yalor, the parents are as boastful lor. Told me, ‘fuwah, I got big piece of land wan, but I just like to rent a place here and stay’. *roll eyes*

    toxicle – Noleh, my anak not kena jail. Just that he doesn’t get to run around the neigbhood with these bunches. Kids as big as 11-12 yrs old riding a bike around the apartment unit and want to be mat rempit. I don’t want my son to terkena roll over instead. He can go down and do breakdance, though.

    n305er – Next time, I call you hor? You go slap la.

  15. exactly lilian (don’t have to look too far, my own aunty does it right in front of me!)….still boils down to the parents right? no matter what or how it is, whether or not parents got time or not – its how the parents handle it? anyway, although i dont have kids of my own, i feel that i’ve seen enough real life examples of behaviours i wouldnt want my kids to have. n thanks to the GOOD parents out there (particularly my own & you too, coz from the way you talk abt stuff – u are indeed a model parent), i hope follow in the right footsteps.

  16. well lilian,

    you said that “children are mirrors of their parents, arenÒ€ℒt they?”…so i guess it’ll mean that when your children grow up, they will also be like you!
    (IP: ,

  17. (sorry lilian, pinjam site sat)

    hhmmm….well, someone….personally, i think it would b great it her kids turned out like her. πŸ™‚ inspiring, gutsy, talented, strong (in many ways i bet) n always on the go, not only that so rajin learning up stuff i’ve never even heard of. i think those are pretty superb traits to follow. πŸ˜€

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