The tongue

Ok, I am going to be a little serious today. Because I just did some calculations and noticed that under my categories, bitching came up the highest. BTW, I had re-named all my categories to suit technorati. Be wise, do that. Now, I can’t remember what bitching falls under – whether it is Personal or Life! So much for wanting to please the tags.

However, my inspiration part had been changed to Religion eventhough not every one of ‘inspiration’ posts I made is based on one particular religion. This is for tag’s sake!

I had been following this ‘Every Day with Jesus’ booklet and want to share bits and pieces from the booklet:

Question : What has stirred up more strife than any other thing in the history of the world?

Answer : The tongue!

Fools are ever learning but never arriving.

There is a little passage written by Selwyn Hughes. And every day it ends with a little prayer. My dear brothers and sisters in Christ bloggers, let’s us ponder these words?

O Father, save me, I pray, from having the tongue of a fool. May my words be Your words, coming from thoughts that are Your thoughts. And help me not simply to learn, but to arrive. In Jesus’s name I ask it. Amen.

The beauty or the ugly side of blogging is what you have written will stay there to give your warm appraisals or to queasy feelings when you read back your own words. Each and every word stays there to remind you of what you were like in the past months, years or decades ago. Let that be good ones.

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