Apartment haunted?

Few years back, I won a free night at a 3-room apartment. Went there with my colleagues. I had two children then, about 4 and 2 years old respectively.

My colleagues are from the sales department. Before bed time, Leong told us about the haunted apartment in Genting. Then, everyone started their share of ghost stories. You knowlah, sales peoples always meet with ghosts when sales are not good.

We then call it a night as the kids were small. And went to sleep. Peacefully. The guys slept in the living room and the girls took up two other rooms.

The next morning, rather early, I heard a male talking. It sounded like our Insurance Manager, Lim who did not join us in the apartment stay. He was asking if the place is nice, enough place to sleep etc etc. I can only hear one voice.

So, I stepped out of my room hoping to greet Lim. And found Leong sleeping alone. The other colleagues had gone down for some sunrise walk. No one else is around.

I did not give much thought about it until breakfast when I asked Leong whom he talked to earlier? He went, Huh? I told him I can hear a male talking. Weird?

Then, he asked me back, “Why did your baby cried so much last night?”

This time, we were spooked. Our apartment had these separated wings and not side by side. So, it is unlikely that the next door unit neighbours were talking. Moreover, I was very sure that the voice I heard came from the living room, very near.

And Leong insisted he heard baby crying from my room. Which my son absolutely did not.

So, we concluded that yeah, there were noises and voices. We never returned to that apartment anymore. Not even when offered for free. A few deaths had happened from drowing in the pool. My sister had gone sick after one night stay there too.

I guess by now, most of you heard that hotels usually leave an empty room no matter how high the occupancy is? Is this true?

The above are amatuerish. Try these two links for some real stuffs:
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17 thoughts on “Apartment haunted?

  1. uuuuuu. very spooky la. my hostel also haunted and thank god i never meet one of those. but my friend did and he never ride motor after 12 o’clock.

  2. Lilian, dun scare mem leh. I also win 3 days 2 nights at those awana vacation resort at Genting. Mine is located at the Ria Apartment , genting highland. I will be going next week. I think i should consider twice now. Does this thing really happens are are u sure got suicide case which happen there before.

    My god, luckily u write this out now or else i will be sleeping alone at the apartment. ….*giggle*

  3. Hey…

    It sounds spooky enough. Hearing voices and so forth..

    Even the hostels in Genting are haunted. Extremely haunted. Cause a few of my friends quit their job there because of the eerie feeling.

    Yeah, I’ve heard of that too but am not sure whether it’s true or not.


  4. Eh, why la all these places like Genting always so haunted? is it because the hills are great hangout places for spirits, or are people typically drawn to go kill themselves in hilly areas?

  5. yioh…lilian, why u always talk abt hantu wan?? *looks right & left, up & down* anyway, i’ve heard abt hotels keeping extra rooms free so their ‘special’ guest(s) which is why we should not FORCE them to give up these rooms. how far true it is, i cannot confirm. soli

  6. ghost ar, i think many places also have. As long as dun harm us, don’t bother lor. One malay friend, he’s big size and not afraid one. Sometimes he encounter in hotel, he’ll scold the ghost and tell “her” away. He said Damn tired oledi some more come and kakacaucau. After scolding, he’ll continue his sweet dream and the ghost dun kacau liao!

  7. the ‘it’ rooms are always (usually lah) the ones that are located right at the end of the hall. THE last room of the floor , near quiet staircases and so on.

  8. Actually, I can’t remember which apartment where my church members rented but they were jogging early in the morning 7am suddenly they saw an old man running. Then, when they reach the waterfall part the old man disappears. That freak them out.

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