Finally, the disclaimer or whatever shit page

Had a few chats with other bloggers. I am getting tired of writing this personal blog. People do not know how to separate the blog, posting, few sentences from the blogger. I am damn tiu-ed with people trying to act smart.

I am sick with getting the same remarks over and over again. Like, oh….this is wrong, this is not proper, this is cruel, this is biased, this is twisted, this is against the law, you are PMSing…… These morons cannot differentiate jokes with real situations. Inner thoughts with outer actions.

You can tell 10 to fark off but another 100 will come by again and repeat the same thing.

It is a beginning to feel like a pain in the ass when every damn sentence you fapped out suddenly becomes the ‘exhibit A’ for those pukimak readers to judge over.

Anyway, I put up a disclaimer page or whatever shit you call those useless piece of thing at the side bar. It is damn useless because no one is going to remember them when their antennae of high morals are erected.

I had been looking around other international blogs. I notice something. People do not comment when they have nothing good to say. And if they want to hentam you, they go back and terang-terang blog about the issue. The issue, damn you moronic readers, the issue.

If your brain is not sharp enough to catch what exactly I am pointing at, don’t dare open your mouth.

Someone had given me some sound advice. Now I am wondering if I should…..

The ME page (disclaimer shit)

*handing out ice water to those who feel the chillies*

15 thoughts on “Finally, the disclaimer or whatever shit page

  1. Thats why, remember last time I said before? If got nothing better to say then dun comment. If you bengang go do it and blog about it in your own space.

  2. guess what, i received advertisements in the form of a comment, so irrelevant… i was extremely unhappy with that totally… some more they shower you with words like: i like your blog, i will bookmark you or similar shits like that…

  3. Hello Lilian, sorry for posting on this site, but I couldn’t find your contact email or info anywhere else – I’ve somehow locked myself out of MyMomsBest forums when I changed my email address yesterday. My userid is Bethany’sMom. I got an automated email saying to click on a link in it to reactivate my account, but when I do it only goes to a page that says “unauthorized”. I emailed Hanz, but no reply. Please help. Sorry again for posting this here.

  4. Hi Minni – I had de-activated the account last night. Try refreshing your browswer or re-type this It should work.

    Vynn – Those are damn annoying alright but they are machines. Can vomit blood getting rid of them la.

    S-Kay & RB – See? Roll eyes. LOL!

  5. I’ve said it before in my own virtual space and other blogs as well, if one cannot accept what the blogger is ranting about, just hit the X button. Simple as that.

    And go and curse in your own space..

    Sometimes people are just being shitty and they are have to much free time to poke around.. Geez..

    Those spams. Truly can vomit blood Lillian!

  6. kyels – yeah, I just returned from your site, rolling eyes and shake head. It’s like there is a rule – You can’t blog what you like but they (the commentors) can shit all they want in your very own blog. Weird rules, ya?

    q – Tks.

    MG – It is written one morning at 4am within 5 mins.

    bawang merah – hahaha, you don’t know how many comments I had lenyapkan dari muka bumi

  7. Hey Lilian.

    Yeah. I agree with you. *rolling my eyes as well*

    The commentors can just shit whatever they have in their brains in our comment section but we cannot blog what we want. I digress.

    Really weird. I don’t understand why people are like that. I guess some of them are just too ignorant and less intellectual. Sorry to say.

    You go Lilian. Don’t care bout the disclaimer shit. I like it anyways. Sarcastic yet funny.


  8. Good work, good disclaimer. I wanted to write one too, after reading Big Bok’s (baby bok choi). Take a look at it, I think you will like it as well.
    But I’m really lazy lah, now. Disclaimer…

  9. belacans thinking…”maybe i should login as anonymous and then taruh lilian’s blog kau-kau. maybe start a flame war… ya ya! muahahahar!”

    belacans saying..”hey lilian! nice disclaimer!”

    login off now, hehehe šŸ˜‰

  10. Hey..Lilian,
    I feel for you g/f..!! Been there..!! got real upset.. but then.. what can you do about morons.. right..?? they prolly bump their head on the floor..when they were a baby.. eh..??
    But never mind.. i’ve always admire you for your guts.. so do not turn gutless because of these morons.
    Honestly, with or without disclaimer.. if morons wanna do what they wanna do .. they were still be jerkheads.
    But who honestly cares about these jerkheads right..??? do they REALLY affect our life..?? Nope.. not one tiny weeny bit.. !! but they prolly think that their weeny wanker is huge.. *shrug*.. so the need to ultra jerkheads.
    But nevermind.. like my mother would say.. “CILAKAT” and “YAU SIEW” these ppl..!!! and then go pound a paper doll with a plastic slippers under the staircase with weeny wankers name on it.
    So cheerio..!! no matter at all.. !!

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