Let me tell ya ’bout the birds and the birds

*haih* The things parents ought to do. Last time, our parents will sing the sweet, sweet song that goes….

“Let me tell you ’bout the birds and the bees
and the flowers and the trees…..”

(soli, cannot remember the rest)

So, we talk about bees looking for flowers.

*haih* Now times have changed. I gotta tell my sons about the birds and the birds and the bees and the bees. Or rather, stay away from the birds and the bees and tread with caution on the flowers and no rubber trees.

*arrggghhhh* Why does the world changed so much? Where did we go wrong? Why do I have to talk about ‘You must beware of men who lure you with money, gifts and stuffs’ to sons? Because it is that rampant.

MJs are aplenty even right here in our country. It does not happen only in Apeville. If I had not been mixing around I probably think that MJs are not something I need to worry. But well, it does.

After some explanations and descriptions, I guess they do understand the modus operandi of MJs. Then, they teased me,

“Hey, mom, gay mean happy.”

Yeah, right. *roll eyes*

So, each night I pray, Lord show me and guide me. Each morning I pray, Lord, please protect my children.

5 thoughts on “Let me tell ya ’bout the birds and the birds

  1. Yeah the world has change so much. People are getting richer and richer and those poorer get even poorer. Every words has been twisted from gay as happy and lesbian as sad in the end.

    Everyone said old times are odd and nowadays youngsters are up to date. But i think actually we are all falling from a great height.

  2. The world we used to know was long gone. The world we now know is a living hell. Actually, everything is in the mind only.

    If you think that you are the third sex, you are the third sex.

    If you want to commit crime, you commit crime.

    If you want to kidnap someone, you kidnap someone.

    If you want to rape someone, you rape someone.

    If you think you want to stay single not married and no children, you stay single not married and no children.

    These days, people are suffering from some brain disease that had mind-controlled them. In the end, we blame all the source in the world that cause this sickness while not doing anything to curb it.

    A single individual can make a difference. It’s just all in the mind only.

  3. Don’t remind me on the danger of this world. I am just trying to get out of Malaysia by the time I retire so that I won’t be knocked down by some drunk driver.

  4. *sigh* it’s very true that today’s world is completely difren frm the one we grew up in. Moms used to tell their daughters to be careful vf strangers, now, they have to tell their sons too, and lilian, u have 4 of them, hoho. I have 1 now and god knows how many more i’d produce… better equip myself with how to deal vf these issues later on when Gordon grows bigger.

  5. Oh yes, the great old time. Usually I call this “the lost of innocent”. MJ case is nothing new. It is illusion that the “good old time” is better because it is not exposed or reported.

    Welcome to the real world!

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