Psst…Guys, PMS is just a myth

*Before you PMS-ing women attack me, note that this is just my regular dose of craps. I know and acknowledge that there is such a thing as PMS, ok? So, please don’t give me any biology lesson.*

As usual, I am searching for stuffs to update my parenting blog. The serious stuffs. But something caught my attention.

1) PMS websites are almost all from profit-minded/commercial sites. I went through 30 sites and not a single one sound trustworthy to me.

They either try to sell some medicines/herbal treatment/counselling session/PMS diaries/gigolos and just about any stuffs that women easily fall prey for.

2) PMS mostly happens to women in their late 20s to 30s and above.

That means, all those SYTs who claim to be PMS-ing just made it up.

3) Many of the reliable sites like those ob-gynae associations sites have confirmed that placebos work as well as hormone pills.

Another conclusion that PMS is just in the mind.

4) PMS only occurs from ovulation till the first day of the period.

So, those women who told you that they have their tai-yee-ma/aunt flo/datang haid/whatever and are agitated 24/7 are bull-shitting.

5) PMS does not happen to every woman. Only 10% suffers the severe symptoms.

6) Wikipedia site said:

Other studies have shown that for many PMS sufferers, placebo drugs work just as well as pharmaceuticals in providing relief. A controversial and not widely-accepted theory holds that PMS may be a socially constructed disorder with enough symptoms that almost anyone (including men!) could feign its existence.

7) My own conclusion

PMS is mostly a myth. It is an excuse. Women who always do nasty things to others and then, blame it on PMS ought to have sex more often. Find a New Zealand husband or something. Alternatively, go shove your head down the toilet bowl and flush.

So, now you know. Thanks to the ever wise, ever truthful…..5xmom! Guys, clap please.

15 thoughts on “Psst…Guys, PMS is just a myth

  1. I’ve never used that PMS excuse before. Do you think it’ll work ah? Aiya, not this month lah. My yee-mah just dropped by for a 5 day tour yesterday. Mebe i’ll bug Hubby for something, if not, i then yank all his hair out on day 15, eh. Better get my ovulation thermometer out, hehe.

  2. Haha.

    I agree with you lockee.

    Anyways, I don’t think the PMS reason will work.. Don’t tell me every month also got issue meh..

    Can die man!

  3. vynn : omg, now you’re everywhere. and you need to get out more. cause dun tell me you have no girl-friends lor?

    lilian : next time my wife gives pms as an excuse to simply rant and go shopping or don wan to do any house work, i’ll refer this post.

  4. LOL…eh…it’s very true. BUT wait…

    Before I met Naz, I never never had moodswings before my period. But after I got together with him, tak pasal pasal got mood swings. Why ha? Only with him you know…with my friends, my mood is always the same 24/7

    I think in a way PMS does occur for some ladies coz of hormonal imbalances..duno what estroegen blablabla level here and there I read in the book.

  5. Haha i was thinking about pms myself,, damn i have no excuse now when im a grump haha , honestly we all have grumpy moments dont we sweety.Im off to the dentist
    cheerz tcz

  6. I never had PMS before, but there are cramps once in a while. Maybe PMS is associated with cramps. When you’re in pain, your mood will definitely be bad. So guys, before you go hentam your girl, make sure she’s not in pain okay? Otherwise, she might just decide not to have your children.

  7. Hey.. Lilian,
    I think that some woman make such a big deal about PMS .. and blame everything on PMS.
    I never remember a day.. where i was in a bad mood because i was having my menses. Uncomfy yes.. but never screaming at someone… because of having unbearable cramps.. or feeling bloated.
    So i honestly, honestly think.. it’s an individual thingie.

  8. I wonder what percentage of people who think PMS is a myth are male.

    It’s hard to say something is “all in my head” when my physical body shape changes, I experience sharp, shooting pains in my abdomen, and get in waaay more fights than usual. Who would want that?

    It would be nice to be able to say, “Oh, I was just imagining those cramps? Okay, I’ll just stop then.”


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