Tell me if you can tulan or not la

You are feeding your toddler and son their lunch. Both has a plate of rice on the table.

The air is already filled with smokes in the last 20 minutes. You try not to curse because you know they have to burn. You endure the smell because you know it just lasts for at most 30 mins to 1 hour. It usually happens twice a month.

But tell me if you can tulan or not if suddenly a gush of wind brought in ashes, lots of it into your sofa. Floor. Every surface and right into my kids’ rice. Stucked to the rice grains. The spoons too.

You picked up the ashes from the food because those are the only two plates you have to serve them.

But before you can sweep the rest from the house, the wind blows again and more ashes come in. You try picking up from the sofa but ashes turned into black dust and stucked to the fabric.

CCB la, if I talk more, some people are going to accuse me of not being tolerant of other people’s religion. If I am not tolerant, I would go take a pail of water and pour it down three floors. So, this is all about dirtying the air, my house and my kids food kinda ranting. Not to mention that now I have to go shampoo my hair again. I could have spend the time writing about ghosts at Merit Seri Sayang. Wait, it is coming soon.

11 thoughts on “Tell me if you can tulan or not la

  1. Huh! Can totally understand ur predicament. Go ahead TL, especially when it turn to black dust and stick on whatever it sits on! What century isit now, still dunno how to use proper container to burn… My grandma also know la, somemore got cover one!

  2. this calls for proactive action. be a “good” neighbour and buy a burning container for that downstairs neighbour. doesn’t cost much but they will get the message and damn shy after that. me e v i l or not? muahahahar!

  3. Dave – You have been to my house meh? You think just one door and one window meh? You think everyone so rich like you got aircond meh?

    Annie – Hehehe, not just burn-burn in the pot. Big, big , few feet tall one leh. So, endure lor. As long as the wind doesn’t suddenly gush and fly my way.

  4. belacans – Must put in old wok. Put container afterwards cannot fly up up and away, cannot receive leh? But this one hor, not something can put into container leh. Have to wait for few hours to burn all.

  5. i wanna hear about the merit seri sayang ghosts!!!! forget bout the ashy neighbour & write about the ghost first!! 😀

  6. whoa! if you had my type of patience, you’d be doing what you said, pouring water down 3 floors.

    if u have one room with air conditioning, you could put the kids there, and close the windows n doors for a while, or at least till the burning subsides.

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