Oops, we did it again…(Streamyx)

I got this email from TM Net but did not think much about it as my internet is fine. But when I can’t upload stuffs to my server in overseas, I did a check. Then, I couldn’t access all those blogspot’s blogs from PPS. And now, I couldn’t make any financial transaction to my Swiss Banks accounts. So, I am very mad, definitely!

You know hor….TM Net, the submarine cables are manufactured by my ex-company. We have made providence for all sorts of possible dangers, like the wayar being bitten by tiny fishes, rolled over by tanks and stuff like that. How can….your cable rosak, we have to suffer again.

Here’s the mail from TM Net mentioning about sites in Europe. But it seems USA sites also have some problems?


Dear Valued Customer,

TM Net Sdn Bhd’s Internet service is currently experiencing a slight drop in performance caused by outages of an international link to Europe. Some Internet users in Malaysia and other parts of Asia may be experiencing some delay when assessing websites hosted outside of Malaysia, especially to Europe. This is due to a submarine cable failure at the SMW3 S5.1 off Mumbai Sea in India.

As a result, TM Net is currently running slightly short on international capacity especially to Europe. TM Net is currently working closely with the cable restoration team to restore the link.

TM Net has taken immediate action to divert some traffic through other back-up links to reduce the traffic congestion. We will be making announcement when the service has resumed to normal.

TM Net Sdn Bhd apologizes for any inconvenience caused but at the same time we would like to assure you that what we are doing is necessary in order to restore the service as soon as possible.

Customers can call our TM Net Customer Interaction Center at 1-300-88-9515 or 1-300-88-1515 from 8:00 a.m. till midnight or email at custcare@tm.net.my for further enquiries about the service.

Thank you.

Best Regards,

TM Net Sdn Bhd

Just for record : My personal blog server is in Malaysia but my parenting website is in overseas. I have the best of both worlds. If everyone can’t access to overseas site, you can always have a cuppa at 5xmom!

13 thoughts on “Oops, we did it again…(Streamyx)

  1. RB – Pssst….You dunno I ran blackmarket 4D meh? Weekend coming, big money to transfer to swiss bank mah. Hahahaha.

    LCF – And on your birthday too! You can’t blog it. LOL! Hey, Happy Birthday again.

    Raymond – You want a panadol?

  2. My office link is slow like hell!
    For few hours is like snail speed only, so TM is obviously lying about “slight drop in performance”..

  3. Sad ain’t it? TMNET should have at least 5 seperate international links out of malaysia. oh … and add 3 satellite backups.

  4. Eh, tis Saturday, 4d 6769 – 500 big, 500 small. ditto for abc, got it?

    Since cannot wire $ to my Swiss bank acct, i take cash lah this time when i win again, k.

    Cya in Ipoh.

  5. Consider lucky Stimyx gave you a letter of the ” slight drop in performance”. Otherwise can expect the normal gomen reply, “ya-kah. Ini macamkah. Nanti siasat dulu, ok?”

  6. Joe – No more roti canai oso. Since my google got banned where got money?

    Kyels – I thot everyone gets it?

    JacKing – yeah, at least they save me from calling them

    Samm – Wah…not only 4D, EPL betting leh? Hahahaha.

    toxicle – Really ah? Where did all those gone to?

    egghead – Woo…don’t play-play. Watch too much Shanghai Bund?

    simon – I small fart oni, dunno Jeff Ooi.

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