Question….on bra (again?)

Tell me, if you want to sell bras…….

Would you?

a) Go to the mall and open a shop next to Victoria Secrets and peddle your goods? or;

b) Go into the deepest jungle and find some tribes who still do not wear clothes and convince them to try your bras?

No, I am not selling anything physical. But I adopt this theory in most of the things I do. I will let you all know my choice later.

18 thoughts on “Question….on bra (again?)

  1. See hor…I dun really like wearing bras…quite uncomfortable (not say I chose the wrong type or wadlah)..I usually dun wear when I sleep.

  2. Lols.

    S-Kay, that’s cool. 🙂

    Bras.. I guess sometimes it’s really uncomfortable when one is wearing a bra. Well still it may be a good bra but then it feels better when one is not wearing it.


  3. RB – Hahaha, if a – sure waste saliva
    If b – right, kena pelted with cow dungs LOL

    Chieftat – Heh, you know liao.

    Kyels & S-Kay – This is some marketing question. Not bra questions leh.

  4. A, of course. You have a captive audience ready to buy a bra, only to find they cannot afford Victoria Secrets. Then they step into Lilian Cheap Knock-Off Secrets next door and, voila, done deal! 🙂 Option B will have you spending too much time and effort educating the tribes on the merits of bra-wearing.

  5. Wow, that was a quick reply. But yes, you may be right that B has no immediate competition.

    But you’re also stuck with a market with no immediate need for bras. If tribal women have been “dangling” from the day they are born, support isn’t gonna matter much. On the other hand, if you sold them panties, you’d probably be far more successful. I’m sure every naked tribal woman has had a problem with creepy-crawlies getting into their… ahem… bodies! Hehhehhh!

  6. I choose A too…!! go into jungle not worth it..leh..! jungle woman surely no need bra. It’s like trying to sing to the cow..??

  7. dun forget hor, last time we (human) oso from jungle ma!!! At last oso wear wat!
    Open A first – bcoz ladies like to shop many shops b4 decide.
    Then those not laku ones, take to B and sell.

  8. Ahahahha…sorry I got carried away. But B would be my answer. Why?

    Number 1 : If I can’t compete with Victoria Secret then means my bra is not that expensive (more to the cheaper range side)

    So, if I have cheap bras and introduce it to those tribes who cannot afford expensive bras and would not be able to even tell the difference. That way, I can secure my income than to compete with VS

  9. Well, why not try “big” market like India or China. A lot of woman folk there still not wearing bra. Sure can sell one. In India cup C-DD, China maybe AA-C 🙂

    Down under

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