Wise advise for PMS-ing women

Someone pointed me to one PMS-related blog, very relevant, very useful for PMS-ing women.

It goes something like this :

If you have PMS, read this.

1. If you can’t predict PMS, your boyfriend, even if he is a very good gynaecologist, probably won’t be able to, too. Keep a menstrual diary and ask your gynaecologist or doctor to interprete it for you. Try to understand WTF is happening to your own pituitary gland and ovaries. Make an attempt to estimate when your mood is going to swing next and don’t expect others to be ready for it 365.25 days per year.

and there are more interesting points like :

3. If you expect people to console you, I’ll tell you a better method. Console yourself! Yup! Get a mirror and talk to yourself. A pool of urine should work the same. It’s better than lashing out at others and later his whole gang laughing behind your back saying you had a bad PMS Xtreme.

Err….some of them are not suitable for my goody-goody blog so surf over to read the rest from the good doctor.