Watch out…The Sky Is Crazy

I am doing a little selling jingle today.

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls

Watch out…The Sky Is Crazy

Tales from a Trolley Dolly

book is out. Written by Yvonne Lee.

If you have followed The Star regularly, you may know that Yvonne wrote some humourous articles on life in general.

I met Yvonne at a high tea last year and our conversation went something like this,

“Oh, you are THAT Yvonne.” and she in returned said,

“Oh, you are THAT Lilian.”

She had just published a book.

It is tales from the sky. The ‘coffee, tea or me?’ jokes, secretly told by Yvonne who was a former air-stewardess. Woohoo, she was also Mrs. Malaysia World before, you know?

So, hop over to one of these venue to meet Yvonne. And don’t forget to tell her that Lilian sent you. I get 3 cents for every person who quoted the name Lilian.

27/8 (3pm) MPH S.Parade

28/8 (2-5pm) MPH I Utama new wing (a ‘meet the local authors’ session with hi tea)

31/8 (3pm) MPH Mid Valley ( TV sitcom cast may be acting the scenes from book there)

18/9 (11am) Ikano Popular Book store

The dates will appear in The Star soon where they had a feature
interview with Yvonne.

I have the .pdf intro of the book. If anyone is interested to get the file, email me? (sorry I do not know how to upload .pdf file to a free service provider and too kiam siap with my own bandwith and diskspace)

3 thoughts on “Watch out…The Sky Is Crazy

  1. Wow, Lilian, you sure are one good salesfriend of mine!!
    Every new author must have one friend like this hor?

    Hope to see you during the hols!

    Regards and thanks,
    The Sky is Crazy

  2. instead of doing my FYP, i got addicted to reading it šŸ˜›
    i must say that, the sky is crazy is really nice!
    i always thought that air crew only serve food. šŸ˜›
    until i read the book, then i realise that they need to know the weather forecast, exchange rate, location, blah blah blah.
    hope yvonne will continue to write more books!

  3. I would love to get a chance to read the book. I was browsing through it while at Times Bookstore. I have always been interested in working for Singapore Airlines. I have tried going for the interview once and I failed. I come to realise they dont really prefer people with tan skin but maybe I am mistaken for thingking that way because some of my malay friends could not get through it either. Care to share some interview tips in getting through with Singapore Airlines ? Would really appreciate it.

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