Bloggers meet – Penang

The Penang bloggers meet.

Peter, Lucia, Ong, Witty, Sotong, RB, KS, Frostier, Anon., my webhost and his lengjai friend, Jeremy, Yvy, Kenny, N305er, Me and toddler…..


We practically blinded everyone in Coffee Beans with the flash lights from the numbers of cameras. Thiak, thiak, thiak. With video camera somemore.


Sorry, cannot tell who is who.


Everyone has to sit for an exam. See them concentrating on the questions? Yeah, right. We have to answer the questions correctly in order to be inducted into the Black Shirts Penang bloggers triad (Oh lau hor). Questions include:

1) What shampoo does Peter Tan use to make his hair so shiny?

2) How many times per year does KS Tang have ermmm… you know what ?

3) Is shark RealityBite’s favourite food?

4) What do you think will happen if you microwave ants? (thanks to Jeremy for this revealation).

5) How long has Lucia worn her PPS PING! t-shirt without washing?

etc etc.

We have two bloggers from KL. One is Frostier who hitched a ride from Kenny of Kulim. The other shall remained anon. Two bloggers are sitting for their SPM!

I reached about 2pm and went off about 4pm. Overall, it has been nice meeting everyone.

29 thoughts on “Bloggers meet – Penang

  1. lilian, next time when u pass by this small small ipoh city, do call me and we yumcha, k. and must bring along that handsome son of yours. he must teach gordon how to wink, wink, wink at girls. and no saliva drooling down chin………

  2. wah lau lilian!!! so fast ah???? fuhyooo!!! šŸ˜€ it was fun today. should hang out more often. šŸ™‚

  3. RB – Yalor, I more efficient than any reporter. I think u all pun haven’t reach home.

    kljs – Easy oni mah, download photo, upload foto, press publish, kau tim

    n305er – Wah….dun be lazy la, go blog la.

    Yvy – Yeah, we must do it in a more outdoorsy type next time. So we can mingle around instead of stuck to our individual chair. Want to chat more oso hard.

    Samm – OK, will remember that!

    Bubbles – Thank you….

    Jase – Yalor, you missed it. Next time la.

  4. S-Kay – Peter too busy collecting RM2 for every pic we took with him. He probably forget. We were practically queuing up to take pics with him. LOL!

    kljs – Ya hor.

    n305er – Hehe, I still know you by your number. Forget who is who by their real names.

  5. I as usual, sitting at the corner watching lor. Forgotten to claim my roti canai. Anyway, no roti canai at coffee bean rite?

  6. Joe – Eeek….stalker!!!!

    Rodney – When are you coming home?

    Yvy – Hahaha, RM10 tak laku, so saham jatuh.

    SK – Soooo sorry, I mistaken you for S-Kay (lenglui). Hahaha, Peter sure forget la, got so many lengluis today mah. Never mind, thanks a lot for the regards anyway.

  7. lilian, was it the smell on me that made you wonder Q no. 5? haha.

    it was a nice meeting and everyone had fun. i agree that next time better have it some place where we can walk around to mingle and chat to everyone. we only manage to chat with those sitting near us. example since you were sitting far from me, i didn’t get to chat to you.

  8. i missd the meet! the two weddings that i had to attend lasted longer than expected. rushed over with my ‘datin’ outfit but by then you guys have left šŸ™ saw peter from far though, GPlaza was too much of a mad house for to say hi to him…

  9. It tends to become very confusing liao.

    That S-Kay is lenglui, different lar.

    When is the next gathering? Got plan or not? Fast fast plan ma, you so hot in Penang liao.

    Learn a word or two from Chu Kang la, he batam lu penang. šŸ˜€

  10. In the first pic, that guy at the corner has to be KSTang. Kekeke.

    Too bad I don’t recognise the rest.



  11. ER. i mean second picture. first was the beverage. šŸ˜›

    i dunno ler. the kstang nick seems fit for a guy like that šŸ˜›

  12. Nice meeting you ! Next time hope to speak to you. We left after 5.30pm, how come the report can come out before the meet finish ? You missed something….

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