Facts of Life

I just flipped through the newspapers. And want to jot down a few facts of life for posterity.

If you are a man……..

you can be ugly, fat, pathetic, lame, (read Donald Duck Trump), a womaniser, gambler, drinker, *fill in your own description*


and you definitely have hot chicks after you.

However, if you are woman…….

You can be filthy rich and yet, impossible to find a decent man to marry if you are…..

*I won’t dare to mention any traits, so I leave it to the readers’ imagination*

So, in conclusion – It is tough to have sons because I have to make sure that they are educated, well-mannered and hopefully rich. The good looks I created for them won’t help much.

Let’s wait till someone can offer an English word for ‘teh’. And ahkuaness is definitely not it, dear doc. (You spoilt my storyline! *&#@*#!#&@)

OK, what this posting said is – If you are a man, you just need the faces of the Bank Negara Governor (or is it the first DYMM First Agong?) or George Washington (US Dollar use George Washington, no?). You real face is not important.

~Added : You got to read Mavrky’s blog.~

14 thoughts on “Facts of Life

  1. Hmm, onions are not exactly lookers, and we usually don’t have much money. Looks like we onions are out of luck eh 🙁

    RM has the first DYMM Agong pix not bank gov 😉

  2. Not true! I see intelligence and intellect in a guy. Money doesn’t matter cuz when his brains will eventually earn him a steady income.

    And is ‘manja’ the correct word?

  3. Yvonne – Right, intelligence will bring on the money. But what I am saying is a matured man with no looks, no intellect but lots of money.

    egghead – Hehehe. If a man got the looks, he probably is a model. And he probably is rich then.

    BM – That means the signature of the BN Gov and the face of the Agong, right?

  4. Yvonne – Yalor, I can’t think of anyword to describe the action also. OK, I am going out for a day of shopping so let’s see if anyone can find an appropriate word for it.

  5. Not true Lah! Just read yesterday a grandmother can get a guy half her age to marry her. As they say love makes the World go round (and also blind).

  6. maybe this fact doesn’t say much about the men, but more about the women who clamour after them?

    on some instances, men doesn’t need to be rich but just flirt and charm in the right kind of way, the poor girls will be hooked!

  7. hehe. i was abt to reply something like Adam just wrote. love is blind. but in most cases, women yg blind kot 😛

  8. look also can earn you some bucks and women mah….looks at brad pitt or tom cruise…..is their looks that first bring them the cash wut.

  9. lucia – Then looks like teh is the best description ‘cos coquettish sounds like David Croquette.

    8dee – What I mean is – if you are male and rich, looks is no longer important.

    grace – Thank you for the compliments.

    hazel – Kena tampal dengan stem.

    q – Yeah, I guess men can be dead broke but having looks and charms still works.

    Adam – Yalar…lately so many older women marrying toy boys trend. Ahem….I better dun say more or else nanti people think I naik miang. LOL!

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