I reached another milestone today. My #2 son is going to celebrate his 13 years old birthday next Sunday. So, we went shopping in the men’s department today. Together with my eldest son, they bought something like 5 tees and 3 pants.

I even bought a pink t-shirt for the eldest. How’s that for being a cool mom, eh? The male promoter couldn’t control his smile when he heard mother and son challenging each other. I told my son I will buy him a pink t-shirt and he challenged me that if I buy, he will wear it. So, we bought it and shall wait and what my atm says.

Either he did not notice the colour or, “What?!!?? You want to turn my son into an ahkua? Get that shirt off NOW!!!”

My ever ready reply is, “Nowadays, beside ahkuas, there is such thing as metrosexual male.”

(keeping fingers crossed I don’t have to end up wearing the t-shirt).

We have loads of stuff to buy because we are going to Redang on Wednesday. Things like this baby life-jacket:


Cost RM54 from TCE Tackle in Bayan Baru. I searched from Toys R Us to all the departmental stores. Finally found it at this fishing equipment shop.


This stool is on 50% discount. RM36 only.


RM31 sunglasses which I can afford to sit on it. The promoter asked me, “Madam, you like fishing hor?” ‘Cos I bought long sleeve fishing jacket for my atm, t-shirt and get free caps.


Pink again. Can’t resist taking a photo of this slippers last Saturday. Bought from Studio R, RM29.90. Frangipani and photo taken at the Youth Park.

Ahem, someone said ‘How come I don’t see you in any of the Penang bloggers’ meet photos?’

My answer : Because I dare not show my face so much. Scared got pelted with cow dung when I go out of my house. LOL! Tadaa… One quarter of my face.


Pink is a nice colour, isn’t it?

20 thoughts on “Pink

  1. Chief – My son wanted the chair ‘cos he collects everything that come in camouflage designs. He even insisted I buy a pair of panty and bra in that design! (I did not of course!) LOL! Right they provide but not the baby size one. Usually, it is the child size which can’t fit the toddler.

    boo – I just couldn’t resist the jelly pink shoes. And those flower motifs are so, so cute. My kids said the shoe is too young for me. Who cares…

  2. i agree with the pink pink pink! proud to say that i’ve influenced a couple of my guy friends to wear pink too, and they’ve certainly maintained their manliness, hehe.

    the slippers look so cute! i might have to find a similar pair šŸ˜‰

  3. i have huge respect for men who can wear pink and not feel their manhood threatened…

    took me almost 3 years to get my man to wear red and another 3 to wear bright yellow, now he’s quite adventureous with colors. we still have a lot of time to experiment the myriads of color. got him to wear shining stuffs though šŸ˜†

  4. I lurve those slippers. Hubby likes pink too. What’s wrong with men wearing pink. As long as they look good on them. His friends all got jealous when they saw him wear pink cause they dare not – scaredycats. He’s got pink shirts, tees, sweater. Think i’ll knit him a pink c*ck-warmer one day, haha.

  5. hi 5xmom…ur slippers is so nice..

    enjoy ur trip to redang nice..i miss the beach…still remember the place where we first met? kekee…miss u

  6. my mum used to buy me pink shirts when i was a kid. i just wore what i was bought.

    did u know that pink shirts are the in colour for guys?

  7. Do enjoy your trip in Redang. My family plan to go there next year or so. Hope to see some photos after you guys are back.

  8. wah!! i like the slippers….so EYE catching. šŸ™‚

    have fun at redang. wating for hear all abt it n the pic…? i can imagine you going thiak thiak thiak crazy!! hahaha….will interogate u when u get back coz i oso plan on going SOMEDAY. šŸ˜€

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  10. pink ok …
    i have 3 pink shirt…
    i think at this new century…
    any colour will do….
    see all the shop…
    those flowery grandma shirt for men lagi scarry then pink

  11. A bunch of guys at my college made bright pink T-shirts that said, “Real men aren’t afraid to wear pink”. So you can tell your #2 that he’s a real man now.

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