What is the English word for ‘teh’?

I mean ‘teh’ (Cantonese) as in manja.

I can’t seem to find an appropriate word in English to describe this very fine art of errr…seduction?

Please input and I am gonna write the Fine Art of Teh-ing real soon. Since I don’t have a daughter to teach so I might as well do a good deed to humanity in general.


Whine? No.

Purr? No.


21 thoughts on “What is the English word for ‘teh’?

  1. seducting with style.
    okok, clingy is a more accurate representation but it still can’t be used to describe the affection and passion of teh-ing.

    like clinging?

    some words are just not cross-cultural friendly.

  2. I dun think it’s clingy.

    Teh is like someone going “alah…yehh…mou kam lah…balablablablablabla” in that manja kinda voice.

    But I dunno what’s the word in English lah =P

  3. clingy – don’t think so, as ‘manja’ sometimes certainly could be endearing as well, don’t you think?

    i don’t actually know what ‘teh’ means. is it to describe the affections of a female only? you could use ‘manja’ for a child, or even a cat for example (uhh but i hate manja-type cats blehh, not a cat person 😉

    hehe – question of the day!

  4. “HORNY” ?
    I don’t know but I always heard “teh” female on some web site said: ” em… I am so horny…”

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