Hamik LC internet so slow

Is it just me or is the net slow? I got a ton of things to do, mails to reply, sites to update (not related to my blog) and it is not loading! Fcuk TM Nut.

I got an email on 20th August about some landslide that happened in the Hongkong station. Earlier, I blogged about the damaged submarine cable off the seas of Mumbai. Now, Hongkong.

Arggghhh….I hate it when people screwed up and then try to explain and give excuses. I just fcuking hate these kind of things when I am itching to blog about my bras. Yeah, I have taken photo of my bras to blog it. But I couldn’t upload the photos to Flickr. So you all just have to wait and refresh your computer screen every five minutes.

(P.S. I only ping this to PPS and hope this lame post did not appear on BOTD. What will the world think of Malaysian Bloggers, huh?)

4 thoughts on “Hamik LC internet so slow

  1. Lilian, I am more interested at your boob than your bra la …
    Bra, my mum also got … nothing special one. All same same with 2 coconuts in front tied together by a rubber band.

  2. My office SDSL also damn slow these few days..
    According to my system admin.. he also claim some under-sea cable rosak or something..
    What to do.. have to bear with it for now…

  3. Lilian,

    Yeah. The LC TM Nut went nuts!

    Even my connection. Haih. Fcuking disconnecting itself every two hours. Can die leh!

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