Lilian’s bra


This is a girls only post. Men can only peek.

See? They made bras in my name! Lilian.

Out of curiosity, I decided to try these 70% discount bras. They were selling for RM59.70 but now costs only RM17.97.

Usually, I prefer other brands which are more expensive but last and last and last. Getting the right fit is not easy. Once, I found one, I would buy them in several colours. The bras have to be durable, i.e. I can throw them into my washing machine and yet, the laces are still in place, the hooks are not senget and the straps are all in good order.

The other day I tried one from an unknown brand. You know what happened? The wire poked out of the cloth and I had to unhook my bra right in the middle of the North-South highway at the Tapah inter-change or risk getting my silicone boobs leaking. And exactly at that moment, our car also had a flat tyre. Co-incidence or what?

BTW, if you are as old as me, you may probably remember Flashdance, the movie? How Jennifer Beals unhooked her bra without taking off her clothes? You can also put on your bra without taking off your clothes. Ahem, these are useful living skills, you know? Need lessons on how to do it with style?

Remember my punctured bra and keep my family and I your thoughts, ok? I don’t want another punctured tyre in the middle of the East-West highway where elephants cross the road. We are driving from Penang to Terengganu tomorrow early morning.

18 thoughts on “Lilian’s bra

  1. well, be glad that no towing truck was needed or you might’ve needed to remove the underwire and have an unsupported boob on one side. LoL! 😛

    anyway, I’ve had my worst moment too. imagine getting lost, mobile no battery, no money in wallet cause forgot to put in, and whilst passing Touch n Go, ran out of credit. damn suay that night.

  2. how come is silicone one? 😛
    maybe those lilian bras should be one of those to wear in bed and easy to tear off one by your atm

  3. I noe how to un-hook a bra with one hand … the other hand can continue to raba raba 😉

  4. kekeke….i know how to take off my bra without taking of my clothes. easy peasy….

    oh and about the wire bit….i know what you mean….yucks…hate the wires…..

  5. Hey, you’re so misleading lar!! I immediately click this link because I thot I can peep at your bra cup… Mana tahu?? lol

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