Whee! Writing from Redang

Am in Redang! Crystal clear water, powdery white sands and lots of hairy, muscular legs! The male ones of course!

We travelled at 12 mid. on Wednesday on the East-West Highway. Real spooky drive with thick mists. It was fun and I played the navigator who keeps the driver awake! Slept like a pig from 8pm last night till this morning.

Got a question – We are not taking the East-West Highway back on Saturday. Instead, we will be going to Kuala Terengganu and use the North-South Highway. We will stop for a night on Saturday to break the journey. Kids wanted to go to Colmar Tropicale (been there 5 years ago when they just opened).

Heard the place sucks. True? Do drop your comments and if I have time, I will log in again. Maybe we will stop elsewhere then. (RM10 per hour = broadband internet, not bad eh?)

Gotta go ogling muscular, hair chests. Ta!

14 thoughts on “Whee! Writing from Redang

  1. try talking to those muscular and hair chests about bras 😛

    enjoy yourselves ah lilian… you deserve it after all the wonderful blogs you have written..

  2. RM 10 per hour.. Lilian, that’s expensive!

    Lols. Hehe.

    Have fun there in Redang and don’t ogle too much on the hairy legs! 😛

  3. lilian, for heaven’s sake, go lar enjoy yr holiday and oogling, why bother to update yr blog :p

    hahaha i think kids will enjoy genting more la than colmar… darn boring after dark, unless yr kids wanna play paintball :p

  4. nothing much to see in colmar, just 2 swans, a japanese garden (which is in bloody hot malaysia) and soem fake medieval castle thing. i think the new hotel is open.

  5. wahlaueh … i was wondering where the heaven have you been. how come so queit. do you know the whole CNN place is so dead without you around? hehe … come back soon and feed us our daily dosage of chanlilian.net please. cheers 🙂

  6. Happy Holidays…i intentionally pop by yr blog today knowing that u r off to Redang. Noted with amusement that u blog from Redang. **full of admiration** u truly are a dedicated blogger. 🙂 Have fun! oh…when can i go Redang.. do u see any 11 months old baby there? How’s the medical facilities there?

  7. wah, after sand and sea then go hill kar? i also want! the drive from KT to Kuantan is ok, except that it’s a trunk road and kampungs all along, so becareful.

    nearer to kuantan normally kena sangkut due to the many lorries and trucks. once enter into the karak-kuantan highway… wheeee! but do becareful of crosswinds. can tiba-tiba hit one. enjoy!

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