Nudist beach

Ever wonder? If you are at a nudist beach, wouldn’t the sand go into your pet pet or little brother? The sands are everywhere even with swim wear. So how? Anyone got any idea?

I am helping the Terengganu Tourism Ministry to promote tourism. Just give enough hints so that humsup tourists like that doc
will take the next plane out here, hoping to see Italian boobs.

How did I get online? ‘Cos everyone is flat out in bed after snorkelling at the Redang Marine Park this morning. So, other than reading and ogling hairy chests I cannot touch, I might as well get some thrills online.

BTW, we have something else in mind now. We heard Cameron Highlands is less than 4 hours drive from here. So, we will probably drive to Cameron instead.

Until then, matakecil, don’t miss me hor?

10 thoughts on “Nudist beach

  1. looks like u are having a blast of a time, lilian!

    the last time i went to cameron highlands (that was like, about 3-4 years ago) it was a sad state, and it wasn’t cold at all anymore. i wonder if things have improved (though i doubt it, but we can be positive!) or gotten worse. updates! maybe fraser’s hill would’ve been a more ‘nature-al’ place to go, but it would be further of course.

    have fun!

  2. Why Italian Boobs?!?!?
    I am italian and I have to say that italian and I have to admit that our girl are Good, but they are not the only one šŸ™‚

    I wonder why…

    ha ha ha

    Nice post!

  3. sure ah? terengganu and cameron 4 hours apart niah…

    hmmm…colmar lesser thing to do loh…mark-up price for everything…at least cameron still cheap…

  4. Nudist beach in Redang?

    Sounds awesome. *packing bags, want to go to Redang*

    Haha. Just kidding.

    Cameron Highland sounds cool!


  5. actually some canadians sunbathe nude too šŸ˜›

    lilian, if you sit on a mat, i don’t think sand can enter into your pet pet and your little john.

    all of the places for a nude beach, you wanna help the Terengganu Ministry…lol good luck with that!

    hehe try penang… or pangkor… better chances!

  6. lots of nudie beaches around here gal, i once booked a holiday cabin and then found out 100 mtrs away was nudie beach resort,,, of course i canceled my booking.
    cheerz gal enjoy

  7. sweetspirit – Hahaha, I would hang around and gawk. LOL! But then, I don’t think I would feel comfortable watching Adam and Eve walking around without their fig leaves.

    centerpide – I was only joking. However, I had seen topless sunbathers in Koh Samui and Phuket before. But Redang is really beautiful.

    Kyels – You have to go to Redang, at least once. It is worth the trip.

    zberjnak – We dare not venture at the last minute ‘cos the words from the locals cannot be trusted sometimes. Their four hours could be longer.

    Carlo – Hi! There are lots of Italians in Redang Island. My husband works in an Italian company and his colleagues just LURRRVE Redang. Some said Redang is a nice as Maldives and a whole lot cheaper. I had been to Koh Samui and must say that Redang’s beach is as good.

    rayhana – Cameron is much developed now. Not as cold but still a nice place.

    S-Kay – I have seen half nude, not total. Wonder if they sunbath ‘everything’. LOL!

    chewyx – My posting is as ‘real’ as your ‘I murder someone’ posting. LOL! Don’t trust what you read.

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