Home is where your shit….

9 to 5 (8 hours) is how long we travelled from Redang Island to Penang. After we hopped on the car at the jetty, we aren’t sure where we are heading. We only make up our mind at the junctions in Machang and Grik respectively. Decided to drive straight home.

Why? Because there is no place like home.

Home is where your shit comes out easier and faster.

Home is where you feel extra shiok and clean after a shower.

Home is where your smelly pillow, bolster and blanket smells heavenly.

I had been to places far and near. Stayed at all sorts of hotels. From 5-star to small huts. No matter how posh their bath tubs and bathroom are, there is no place like my own tiny shower cubicle.

No matter how expensive their American Standard toilet bowls are, I love my own toilet. I can read the newspapers and books in my ventilated, brightly lighted toilet in peace.

No matter how expensive their imported toileteries are, I want my own range of toileteries and toothpaste.

No matter where I go, Penang is my home.


Chewah, photo taken from moving car on the Penang Bridge, through my car window tinted glasses. Horizon straight or not? I am so proud of this photo because 700 other photos I took are all senget (tilted)! Damn, I gotta spend some time un-sengeting back the horizon before I can put up photos of Redang.

12 thoughts on “Home is where your shit….

  1. yup, nothing better than HOME.
    no matter how good how expensive those stuff there, NOT ours….

    eeeee i am the 2nd to welcome you back then…hahahahaha

  2. Joe – Cis, you say like that, I am not going to show you topless sunbathers liao. You don’t know what a great photographer I am meh?

    Kyels – Wah, thank you, thank you.

    Eliar – Aww…I am flattered.

    Lee – Hahaha, no place like home, hor?

    Yvy – Got a lot of stuffs to write.

  3. gila power zoom. It’s a x1000 wan ah? As I remember it, the city from the bridge is quite a bit off!

  4. Anuar – My camera has 12x optical zoom, 4MP, so that makes it 48X? Of course, the anti-shake mechanism helps a lot. Otherwise, habislah. ‘Cos Komtar and Penang bridge is something like 15 KM?

    q – Sure! I got lots of photos.

  5. the 2 things lilian’s got after a holiday is DEFINITELY pictures and posts!! 😛 looking forward to it. sure u gonna go crazy wan…hehehe!! 🙂

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