Can’t take insults, don’t have sons

“Aww…mom, you are man!”

So said my middle two sons when I changed into my swimsuit. These brats are used to ogle MTV big boobs girls. Big boobs are everywhere for them to ogle. So they have very ‘high’ standard. LOL!


Then, when we were at the Marine Park, they called me a dugong! I was at the pier’s landing. The floorings are rough cement. The sea is deep like thousands of feet. I was hanging on the pier’s floorings and had to pull myself up after snorkelling. I couldn’t support the weight of my body with my own hands, sort of like a gymnast. Therefore, I had to gently push up. I couldn’t do a quick one because of the rough surface. I also do not want to risk getting scratched by having my atm to pull me up. And that’s how I earned the name, dugong until today.

Moral of the story? Can’t take insults, don’t have sons.

…coming next, my sons’ and more of their insults (on other people)
And if I get more than 10 comments, I will post pic of me in my red err…wut do u call that thing liao? Swimsuit? kehkehkeh S0 don’t anyone comment or else…

18 thoughts on “Can’t take insults, don’t have sons

  1. You know, there’s usually a big moray eel living just under those concrete steps at the Marine Park. That is why lots of snorkellers would be swimming around the concrete stilt columns. Did you see it?

  2. Viewtru – My kids saw it but I did not hang around long enough ‘cos I have a 2 yrs old toddler waiting on land for me. *sigh* Otherwise, I would have taken up scuba diving. NVM, there is always a next time.

    Inrela – but you just contributed one comment with 9 more to go. Muahahaha

  3. Awww…kasba…You made my day. Now I am going off to smack my kids. LOL.

    doc – Prepare your temperature sensor.

    Max – Got pink one, you can click on the link. I am too lazy to download and upload the dugong photo.

    simon – Emak borek, anak rintik la

  4. You think, lucky me…I got 3 daughters. But how come I get insulted also? Maybe sons only dare to insult moms? I think it’s more like, joke only lah…

  5. just make sure u dont post like that furongjiejie in kennysia’s post, if not, we’ll see u next on his blog headlines…… muahahahaha. welcome home, lilian

  6. click click! šŸ˜‰

    but i can totally relate. hate hate pulling myself up while trying to get out of the water. it is the damn butt i always say haha.

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