Clowns do not belong on beaches

The Pulau Redang Marine Park offers a nice stretch of beach and plenty of fishes and corals to see. Sadly, the number of tourists must have outnumbered the fishes in the sea.

I am not one who allow anything to spoil my plans. Though most people may have complaint of the crowds and etc, I chosed to ignore and overlook them. When I mentioned tourists, I mean local tourists. The kind who would steal fireflies from Kuala Selangor. (yeah, sick people are plenty). The kind who would steal corals because they are protected.

Those who wear their full gear and probably unwashed underwears into the seas. It is like a giant washing machine, in fact. Well, I was 450 KM away from home, so might as well make the best of it.

Boys and girls, it is not right to laugh at people. It is wrong to look down on people. But then, we are human. So, sometimes, we do not laugh but LAUGHED OUT LOUD, ROLLING ON THE SANDS.

Who wouldn’t?

This guy was damn belagak man. He thought he is part of baywatch, standing there with his arm on his waist. Looking out at the ocean.

And my sons said,
“OMG, mom, look at that man! Where is his little john?”

Another one,
“Why his ball-ball like cut into half?”

and the third little one said,
“He looks so ghey! Why no bird-bird one?”

and the mom echoed,
“Ewwss…please tell him clowns belong to circus. Give me my camera. #2, you go and stand in line so that people will think I am snapping a photo of you. Then, I zoom far-far and take his photo and I blog ok?”

and the sons yelled in unison,
“Go blog it!”


And yeah, we also found a red dugong floating in the sea. There.


So, you gotta thank me for the pic of the man in wet suit. LOL!

38 thoughts on “Clowns do not belong on beaches

  1. Awww maan… and right after lunch too! I think the guy must have rearranged his family jewels to fit his suit. “Okay, Big Guy. On my left. And you two clowns, on the other side. Hut-hut-hut-hut!!”

  2. Wahliau, cun costume hahahahahahaha, your son knows a good blog subject when he sees it, can’t imagine me wearing that die of shame instantly before stepping out of the room, guy got guts got to hand it to him.

  3. OMG !!

    You sure “he” is a man ah?

    I suppose “he” is a women who already pregnant for 3 months, with flat chest and flashing camel toe. LoL ….

  4. Byran – HOHOHO, I am very sure he is a man ‘cos he went there with his kid and wife. Got stubble somemore. Camel toes…Hahaha

    Kervin – Ya, at least we must respect his confidence.

    James – Hahaha, I did not know ‘they’ listen to commands like that. Behave boys, stay still. Sit, don’t stand.

    simmie – Yeah, if it is all orange, I would have keep my mouth shut. But that piece on the shoulder….It looks like some piece of batik.

    kasba – Protected species.

    Julee – Too much soaking in the water, that’s why.

    Simon – Hope you don’t get nightmares over it.

    Inevitable – You got notty mind!

  5. that is called a camel’s toe – only application if the the specimen is a GIRL. lol…

    wah, i sked lor go vacation now. if everyone like u thiak thiak my spare tayar n blog abt it being an ‘au-naturel’ float – mati lor!!!! ;p

  6. LOL! do you this that man might accidentally stumble upon this post just like mmg last time?
    you should’ve posed in your red bikini mah… than doc can have another round of nosebleed! kekekeke…

  7. DG – Ei, I oredi blur out the face la. Dun scare me wei. Kena satu kali, sked liao.

    simon – gaya mesti ada mah

    mama2beas – Me too, I cannot stop laughing. It is so ewws when I was cropping the photo.

    Yvy – Who knows, I pun kena tangkap basah jugak. Hahaha

    Max – See nothing.

    belacans – Super uwek.

    leecs – yalor, orange somemore. Who knows, some dugong looking for mate rape him baru tau.

  8. What kind of dugong picture is that? All covered up. Can’t see anything at all! Give your readers a much better picture lah! If you won’t, then I will. This is a Level 5 threat!

  9. Goodness! Looks like vulval edema after getting raped by a dozen camels… -_-”

    BTW, hungry ghost festival over oledi, why you still wearing superman’s red underwear into the water?

  10. Lilian, you calling my bluff is it? My Level 5 threat got no respect, is it? Okay, since you want a better pic, you will get a better pic! Tonight, a very familiar snorkeller in Redang is going to appear naked in my blog in my next post! And I gerenti your readers will say that it is a better pic!

  11. Viewtru – Make sure you take away the extra pounds you know. I know your photoshopping skills very kerng wan. Do you think I need to ask my webhost for additional bandwith ah? LOL!

  12. Walau.. lilian..!! you the very brave..!! hahhaha!! i only post nice picture of my neighbour’s kid.. and i kenna left right and center by my neighbour… !!
    I salut you leh..!!

  13. “Auntie Lilian, Viewtru’s pic is si beh x2 much much hotter and better than your pic!”
    *fweet* *fweet*

    *lari like a headless chicken

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