LOL at Penang Bloggers

You got to read this Penang Bloggers Meet write-up from Bryan.


*Because it made me laughed out loud at 1.40 a.m.

*Because it is the funniest of all

*Because it is a very short write-up so it won’t take much of your time

*Because he is one of my webhosts (OK, that’s not a good reason. Actually I just want to introduce some lengluis to Bryan. He is handsome, single and so far, very professional in his dealings as my webhost. Psst..wanna see his muscle, nekid, bod? Go to Liew’s site. )

3 thoughts on “LOL at Penang Bloggers


    oi bryan u forgot to leave ur email/contact number lah.


    lilian,this post made me LOL at 1.58 am =p

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