Of astronauts and MOONgate


Some things do not make sense to me. Why did they select the finalists for the cosmonaut project with the 3.5KM run? I thought one needs lots of brain power, mental strength, experiences and techie stuffs like that in order to be an astronaut? Certainly the physical strength can be built when the candidates have gone through some medical tests and mental tests? The way I look the selection, it is like sending the fastest runner to space. For what? To run away from aliens?

Do you know that we have one blogger amongst us who are one of the finalist but…….?

About 2 weeks ago, I received another notification that the first fitness test would be a 3.5km run in 20 minutes (earlier story can be found here). My first thought was “piece of cake, kacang only…” and then suddenly, I got to my sense and started counting “Oh o…I will be 33 weeks pregnant on the 3rd Sept. 2005”.

Now, back home here in Penang, let me show you a photo of the moongate. I wrote something about this issue called,

Killing historical site to get rid of transexuals?

I took this photo last week. Notice the cemented portion? They torn the wall down and now they are putting up again. A sheer waste of money and not to mention the irreplaceable original designs.

And I wonder, are Penang lacking of Chinese men? Are we having a shortage of better looking ones? One whose lips aren’t too thick or specs aren’t too nerdy?

It is sickening. I had written about
Penang – When the big boys play games

and it is happening again. Pointing fingers. It’s in the paper today (I can’t find the online version). The title says “Penang not told about toll plan.”

As far as I see it, running a home, company, state, country or nation, won’t be as messy if we get our priority right. And that priority is to serve the people and put our interests last.

4 thoughts on “Of astronauts and MOONgate

  1. about this moongate thing, sometimes i wonder if the councillors have fermented durians for brains. How can someone be so Stoooopid! Up till now, I also dont know who is the one who authorised the destruction, want to stone him also dont know who is he. Somemore now koh su khoon win gerakan no 2, dont think he cares about the state already.

    Now rebuild the moon gate because someone found the picture of the original moongate that comes with the side walls!

    if the government need to waste money, they can hire more people to sweep the roads, clean up the longkang and tar the roads.

    ..really morons..

  2. Hehe…I knew you won’t miss out on this (the selection of astronaut). Hubby and i were aware of the situation. This oppurtunity to send a Malaysian to space is because of the purchase of RM270M military jets from Russia, it comes in the package. Till now, I have not seen anything that involves real research (though seeing an astronaut eating roti canai and teh tarik in the ISS can be interesting;)). Anyway, Russia is comtempleting to open space-travelling to tourists, for US$20M ticket, in fact they did send two millionaire tourists, too. Watch it in the AXN!
    Looking at the way they did it in Terengganu, it kind of dissapointed us. It was like a marathon…anyway, still wish this project will benefit the country in some ways!

  3. Astronauts require very good psychique to stand the rigors of space, bone loss is very rapid unde low g gravity and most of their time are spent exercising to prevent muscle deterioration and brittle bones, thus the need for orang kuat. Anyway I still think RM 25 million is too much for sending a man up there and for what? Heard they want to send a Malaysian to the moon when countries like China and France haven’t even contemplate of such matter, better use the money open more penang char kuey tiao stalls so we can all makan makan better spent XD

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