Pee pee here, pee pee there

You know how often we kids got conned by our grandmas? Bitten by bees, pee on it. Jelly fish sting, pee on it. Cut by rusty nails, pee on it. No water to drink, drink pee.

The other day when I was in Redang, I got a cut from the sharp corals. I almost wanted to ask my sons to group pee to clean the wound. You know lah, no fresh water. Every where sand and seawater. Imagine how clean my wounds would be if 4 of them go shee shee, shee shee all at the same time?

But aiks, no way am I going to contaminate myself with pee pee. Who knows what bacterias may go into my system? Ewws…..

Grandmas oh grandmas….They made urine like some miracle water. Wonder why our kiasu neighbours never thought of processing pee instead of NEWater. So much easier isn’t it? Just shee shee, shee shee into a bottle. No need fancy filtering system to process sewage water.

Luckily nothing happened to that wound. I did not die of tetanus (kancing gigi) or anything dramatic like that. However, I did make a Google check if urine is as clean as some grandmas claimed it is. Made some searches. And ask a few people.

A doctor and a medical student told me it is NOT as sterile as some parties claimed. Wikipedia said this:

In cases of kidney or urinary tract infection (UTI) the urine will contain bacteria, (continue reading)

And you can find some comments here. So, remember good people out there, don’t shee shee and think it is the cleanest water around. And guys, don’t pee when you are supposed to do something else. A woman’s pet pet is not made to process urine, ok?

10 thoughts on “Pee pee here, pee pee there

  1. No No No! You don’t PEE on the wound! You PEE on the Jelly fish when It’s sticking on your skin! All the bacteria and minarals in the pee will chase the Jelly Fish away.

  2. Actually n305er you pee on the jellyfish sting in order to neutralize the chemicals that cause the stinging. not on the jelly fish itself. jelly fish don’t stick on your skin. they’re not leeches.

    The key to the “pee is sterile” argument is that said individual does not have a urinary tract infection. Of course when bacteria has already travelled up and established itself in your system, it will naturally pass out with the pee. it is not the pee itself that creates the bacteria.

    Furthermore, this whole paranoia about pee… would mean both you and your partner should thoroughly shower before any sexual activity.

  3. I used to get jellyfish stings at least twice a week. And yes .. I had people pee on me at least twice a week. Trust me it works like a charm.

    No the pee don’t chase the jelly fish away … It’s the ammonia which helps neutralize the sting.

    I don’t know about the rest though. Urine is only effective when the peeer is young. I’ve even heard cases of drinking kid’s pee and drinking your own pee šŸ™‚

  4. dear 5xmom,
    what do you mean by ” don’t pee when you are supposed to do something else…woman’s pet pet not meant to process urine..”
    you mean can pee inside the pet pet ah? can meh?

  5. You snorkel sideways like that sure to get cut by coral lah. Also put your hands out like that dunno for what. BTW, forgot to remind you, better ban your sons from visiting my site for the next few days. Wouldn’t want them seeing their mommy skinnydipping, would you? I will replace that pic with a more modest one that shows you wearing a red thong after a few days.

  6. If urine is truly the miracle water like they said it is, then public swimming pools must be the fountains of youth! LOL!

  7. I teach ESL kids and one of them told me that in Mexico they say you’re suppossed to pee on a cut. I thought he was crazy. I told him that pee is sterile, but that washing it with water would have the same effect. He said that when his uncles get cut they rub pee on the cut. I could have puked. I googled it and then saw your blog. Then I took a poll in my class most of them have heard about peeing in the cut before a few said the jellyfish thing. How freakin’ weird! šŸ˜•

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