Nude ‘cos Viewtru can seetru

Ok, all the uncles and aunties sekalian, please take a deep breath, sit down and have a cup of tea. All the boys and girls, you must leave now. Shoo-shoo. This is another 18SX post.

The rest, please proceed to read. But make sure your bosses aren’t looking.

Do you know Viewtru? Neh….that fler who sometimes has triple identities as Lai Ma and also Inspektor Chin Tu Lan?

I just discovered that he is not only a good blogger but also have the most fantastic photoshopping skill.

OK, pull in deep breath, check behind you. Are your bosses looking? Is your spouse peeking? Are your kids running around? Very sure your mother-in-law is not hiding somewhere?

Sure? The coast is clear?

Very sure?

OK, then, proceed to Viewtru’s blog. But don’t say I didn’t warn you ok? If you have any humsup questions or comments, please ask Viewtru (as in drop the comments on his comment board). If you have compliments on his photoshopping skill, please tell me.


18 thoughts on “Nude ‘cos Viewtru can seetru

  1. Good one!!! Is this what they mean by Malaysia Boleh??? :). Nah his photoshop not that good.. if good then he can flip that dugong over mah

  2. LOL Romantic – If he flipped over, I also twist his head facing backwards. LOL

    belacans – Yeah, the photoshopping skill is.

  3. Eh Dugong…LOL =P Anyway, Lilian, when I saw that clearwater….I really wish that I can just be in Berjaya Redang now. Argh. It’s like a swimming pool with sand beneath. And the Marine Park…whoosh…did you see the Big killer Eel and any turtles? Ngahahahha…

  4. Looks like a “Malaysian Floating Idol” contest between Viewtru and Lillian. Viewers kindly sms to **888 for Lillian and ***88 for Viewtru. Standard SMS rate applies.

  5. wah lau,pakai g-string sumoreee.

    eh btw the water is so shallow lah…can see anything under the water meh? go snorkel at deeper level mer..

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