5xmom is a SEX and Relationship blog

OK, enough of BM and patriotism. If I crap more, people are going to puke.

As you all know, PPS now comes with these categories. Heck, how the fcuk am I gonna categorise my personal blog?

I won’t exactly label this as my personal blog because I believe I have more to offer than that. Personal blogs talk about how much shit they poo out in the morning, how many cups of water they drink and later piss out etc etc.

So, I categorise mine under Sex and Relationship with sub-categories under Humour and Personal Blog. I wanted to put Religion instead of Personal Blog. What do you all think? Can Sex and Religion go hand-in-hand?

Damn, I can’t find where to put my two other blogs. Parenting and Food and Travel. I hope the good people in PPS will create something later on.

Helllllooo, you all hear that? From 1st of September 2005, this is a SEX and Relationship blog. You know why? ‘Cos my 41st birthday is on the 7th! I am a big girl now.

23 thoughts on “5xmom is a SEX and Relationship blog

  1. jimmy – that PPS categorise them as sex and relationship so i mah kena go under that cat lor.

    davidteoh – heh, must have some self-censorship

  2. No worries. I’ll accompany you. With the amount of self love I have in my blog, it’s almost erotic. Thus making it a SEX blog. And it’s all about my relationship with myself as well.

  3. Yvy – Hahaha, you may now forward those questions you dare not ask your mom to me. Like how to fake an O.

    Samm – Yeah, let it rip? Otherwise, how to create little babies, hor?

    Eliar – I get a high on my blog too.

  4. How about Parenting? Moms always have opinions and I am sure they have relationships too. And moms have sex too before becoming moms, dont they?

  5. Hi Pok Ku! That’s the problem la. There is nothing remotely close to that. No Parenting section, no Travel section, no Lifestyle or Womanly stuffs. So, I chosed the most basic needs – Sex. Hehehehe.

  6. Chey! I go on blog holiday for two weeks, come back kenot recognize PPS adi. Did you say that they picked the Sex & Relationship category for you or you pick yourself one? Kekekekeke.

  7. hmm my site to is categorized under “sex and relationship” but I tend to talk about the later one waay more than the former one.

    I thought yours was under Personal Blogs and Humour right??

  8. Inevitable – The more the merrier

    Bkworm – Hope I don’t get lectured.

    Centerpide – My main cat. is S&R.

    MG – Ascherly hor, it is my own choice but to make it look less hiao, I push the buck to PPS lor.

    Max – What is MILF? Most Intriguing and Loveable Female?

    dsaint – Shh….you break my bowl

    romantic – Hahaha, good one! Dream on. Hey, abuden, you have seen it on Viewtru’s , no?

    Willwolf – Give you ample time to buy gift and pos laju to me mah. Got or not? Condoms or something? LOL!

  9. sexpot – If you have read my blog from Oct 2004 until now, then you can name anything here. But if this is your first comment, then better zip your mouth.

  10. Welcome to the big gal club soon.. Lilian. šŸ™‚
    As for categorising your blog.. hmmm…???!!?? I think yours is a “Anything Can Do blog”.. šŸ˜‰

  11. MILF? hehehe…..should write or not? *grin* it’s NORMALLY known as ‘mothers i love to fark’. heh. max very notty lor….lilian, must oso smack him leh. šŸ˜›

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