Hardness of the ‘sausages’ depends on the race

I want to write pe.. pe….pe… but never got through the nis. So, you have to figure out what I am talking about.

I met Laura at the bank this morning. She is probably in her late 40s now. Twenty years ago, we used to work together. She was a showroom promoter.

Our showroom catered for the tourists and in between arrival of the buses, Laura had plenty of time to ‘educate’ us young, virginal girls. At that time, when I was 20 yrs old, I thought Laura must be the smartest and most experienced woman on earth. Now, I think she is slutty (and still single). Ssshhhh, don’t dare tell Laura. She is very garang and may slap me.

So, these are what Laura taught us:

* English sausages are limp in the morning and very hard to jumpstart into action.

* Chinese sausages are too quick to come into action and die very fast.

* Bangkali (Punjabi) and Indian sausages have good reputation but do not live up to their fame.

* The Africans (blacks) sausages are constantly bloated but limp.

* Japanese sausages are cute and small.

* German sausages are huge but not skillful.

* And the best sausage award goes to errmm… a race that Laura shouldn’t experiment with but I don’t know how the heck she knew. (clue: The majority race in Malaysia.)


Urggh….I don’t think I want to see another plate of sausages for the next few months.

Please….don’t tell me tell me more about sausages. But if you have real life testimony, maybe other girls may be interested to read.

23 thoughts on “Hardness of the ‘sausages’ depends on the race

  1. Heheheheh!!! not true lah.. Lilian..!! hahhahahahahah!! way too funny.. you just make me laugh so hard.. and it’s 6.24am in the morning here in canada..!! πŸ˜‰

  2. eh, u got a point there lah, lilian. remember the trip back to png on the deserted road, and you saw many posters at the warong. the ones that advertise kopi this and that? that’s why lah….. our majority keeps increasing. after drinking soooo much, sure want to put to practise one mah.

  3. moo_t – Yeah, dried with the north wind, all wrinkly and dried. hahaha

    Yvonne – Hehehe, that is actually a very nice plate of sausages from Mr. Ho which cost me RM32++! So yummy!

    simon – Foot long sausages don’t exists la, except at Deli. Dun bluff la. Really, Laura? So hard-up yr frens?

    jimmy – Wah, you advertising on my blog ah? Must charge advertising fee, you know.

    Max – Got….minuman kacip fatima. Belacan? Ewwss…

    Samm – Really, you know. I think they got pahwer ‘cos eat more chillies. I dunno ler, cuma dengar desas-desus.

    Big Bok – Ok, ok, LOL, I take your word.

    DG – That plate got Italians, Mexican, English, German and one more forget the name. You agak-agak la, how I know what is what wor. LOL.

  4. no wonder your blog is categorise under sex. er… oh but this is about food, kan… oh sorry, food category lah. πŸ™‚

    btw. glad to see you in church last night although it was from a far with just a wave. i had blog briefly about last night.

  5. “Bangkali (Punjabi) and Indian sausages have good reputation but do not live up to their fame.”

    Where got… Laura must me la. She met the wrong person maybe. Lolx πŸ˜›

  6. u reminded me that it has been long i tak makan sausages .. (wei .. real one laa .. not the pe with the nis)

    now read this entry , straight tak lalu nak makan anymore ..

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