Shrunken Balls Syndrome

Once upon a time, there was this little girl. She probably came from a not so rich background and never got the luck to hitch a rich boyfriend.

One day, fairy godmother gave her a free trip. Little girl, being the country bumpkin that she is, did not enjoy her trip because:

1) She doesn’t know how to travel smart because she is dumb
2) She doesn’t know the cost of living because she hasn’t been out much. Kesian her la, she never got much to spend so every cents she forked out is pain-pain to her.
3) She thinks she is the most desirable woman on earth. And every men on earth are wolves waiting to pounce on her. You know…perasan-ing people always carry a burden with them.
4) Fairy godmother wasn’t powderful enough to provide everything for her, hence her trip was hiccup-ted.
5) She isn’t sexy enough to lure a sugar daddy to take care of everything. Such as sending a chauffer to the airport to pick her up and put her at somewhere 5-star with a personal butler, personal shopper and personal gigolo or wateva.

Little girl went home and started whinning like little girls always do. But the problem is her whines are extra-ordinary loud and toxic. A big, bad *tiger* pounced on little girl because he can’t stand whinging little girls.

But…that’s not the main story. It is neither the moral of the story.

So, what is this post all about?

Ok, I can hear the readers cursing.

*CB la, what are you rambling about? Waste our time only. Want to shadowless kick, do it more obvious mah. Dare not show the stripes, keep the mouth shut lor.*

Ok, Ok, what I want to say is – Yesterday was Merdeka. We bloggers are so beria-ia, semangat berkobar-kobar hendak mempertahankan maruah negara. But some lame assholes go and say:

Yeah, I am ashamed to say I am a Malaysian.

Ours (Malaysians) is just a total joke!!

Anyway, to make my conclusion…
Malays govt. really damn stupid!!!

i wish malaysia can emmulate singaporea more.

(all the above in quotes are copied from ‘somewhere’. Oh, aren’t you ashamed of their bad English also?)

Yeah, my country sucks.

Yeah, yeah, yeah in typical, chicken ‘kow-tow’ style.

I have nothing against foreigners condeming our country but I do have a lot of fumes for Malaysians who jumped ship. And even more when those whom should have defended the maruah have ‘sudden shrunken balls syndrome’ SSBS. They existed amongst our politicians and yeah, our bloggers too.

Don’t you think it is sad that our own countrymen do this to our beloved country? People like them ought to be castrated and send off on the next tongkang to where their ancestors came from, be it India, Pakistan, China, Jawa, Arab……. If you have something against your own country, stand up and say it out. Don’t go hide behind some skirt and be a yes man with no balls.

There is a Hokkien term for people who dare not blog about this and yet, go to every other blogs and bitch. It is called BO HOOT in Hokkien. Geddit? Bo hoot = tarak lampa. BTW, I am not allowing commenting because I don’t need bo-hooters to squat here.

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