Edifier e3100 multimedia speaker



RM165 only. China. Silver. Replace my 3 years old Harmon/Kardon that came with my Dell. Sound? Dunno leh ‘cos I got one Altec Lansing with 6 ways speakers or whatever subwoofer thingamagic blasting in my ears with Disney Channel plus another set of Altec Lansing with Linkin Park screaming from my kids computer in another room. Not to mention 4 screaming kids and one grumpy atm. So how can I hear anything leh?

The feature:


* MDF wood enclosures for the subwoofer and satellite speakers.
* 5’’ High performance Woofer (131mm), Magnetically Shielded
* 3 ’’Midrange Driver with heat treated paper voice coil Magnetically Shielded
* 3/4’’ PV membrane dome Tweeter Magnetically Shielded
* Front panel controls for Volume, Bass, and Treble adjustments
* Available in black and silver finishes

Ei, write so much features for what? All I hear are sound, all the same, whether RM165 or RM16,500 sound systems.

Pssst…going to P2P. Got to find some 80s music and listen at past midnight till 3 am when that’s the only solitude moment I have each day. Hope my neighbours don’t call the cops when they hear ‘I am coming, shoot me, shoot me’. LOL!

8 thoughts on “Edifier e3100 multimedia speaker

  1. P2P? Tat r all illegal pirated musics!! Say NO to P2P!!!
    Pssstt psst, anyway, i got some p2p downloaded frm Morpheus. U want ah ?

  2. Hahaha.

    The Edifier speaker looks nice to me. 🙂

    Well, Altec Lansing is good but your new Edifier looks nice to me.


  3. u want 80’s music ar… nonit to p2p, gimme some blank cds, my husband punya collection, wahlau weh…

  4. Fred – Thanks. I am rather satisfied with it so far.

    Athene – I downloaded a few to make my kids geram. LOL! Revenge.

    Kyels – My Harmon/Kardon sound sudah ‘pecah’ so gotta replace.

    Joe – shhhhhhhh

  5. I have 2 sets of Edifier speakers. One of them is e3100. For me, Edifier have done far better than altec lansing in term of performance/cost ratio.

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