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A few days ago, a Lydia Teh dropped a comment. I am happy to discover that it is the Lydia Teh, just like the Yvonne Lee and the ahem, Lilian Chan. Well, I can’t claim to be in the same echelon as Lydia or Yvonne but ahem, we have written some stuffs for The Star and our names have been printed several times over.

What makes us special (I know this is self-praise) is – we are merely writing and shooting them blindly to the papers and then, wait for the mercies of the Eds. We started from nothing, no formal training in journalism, just pure gusto to share our thoughts. So, here I am rubbing shoulders with Lydia whom I met once.

Lydia’s blog is one of the must read. It is very Malaysian to the core and entertaining. She is also the queen of contests (which I loathe participating, btw) and had won several big prizes. So, go on over to Lydia Teh’s blog, bookmark it and hopefully, you get entertained, enlightened and maybe learn a few tricks on how to win contests.

Oh ya, Lydia Teh and Kak Teh aren’t sisters. LOL! But both have very nice stuffs to read.

Now, we shall wait for Yvonne Lee to join the blosphere.

3 thoughts on “Lydia Teh – winning blog

  1. Hi Lilian

    Thanks for your kind words. Pai seh, pai seh. Come on, I’m not queen of contests, others are more deserving of the title. Only thing is they didn’t write a book on it. These days very selective about contests. Competition very keen nowadays (like one fella said, why you so stupid, go and share your secrets with others?).

    Let’s wait and see if Yvonne will join in. Must be the Teh in our names that make Kak Teh and I got chemistry.

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