This is a follow-up from my ‘teh’ post and the Facts of Life.

First, let us examine what is good teh and bad teh. Before that, let’s translate teh. A few of the comments left said teh means:

coquettish in English.
Merriam-Webster: a woman who endeavors without sincere affection to gain the attention and admiration of men

But the ever knowledgeable Mr Willwolf whom probably had hundreds of women teh-ing him said,

Coquettish sounds so squarish le. Even sounds like Cold cat fish . Teh-ing sounds better.

Do check out the comments left in the Teh post. They are really humourous.

The definition of BAD teh:

An act which a woman carried out. A bad teh is when the women around her feel like slapping her and the men get erectile dysfunction.

A GOOD teh :

is done so subtlety that makes the women wonder if you are a black magic women and the men of all ages, ranks and backgrounds swoon and yet do not know what hit them.

Examples of BAD teh are like those Taiwanese girls who starred in the old, old movie. And you can just switch to Channel 32-34 on Astro Dynasty Channel to get all your bulu roma berdiri (hairs stand on ends). Closer to home, you can watch Drama Minggu Ini on TV1. In fact, all local TV productionss have BAD teh. So are majority of the girls in our country.

Good tehs are those carried out by the oh! so demure Japanese girls. They just need to say ‘haik, haik’ and nod their head a bit and some bachelors will fly KL-Kyoto in a flash.

Myths about teh. Aha….don’t mistaken. The art of teh transcends the age barriers. Even fat, bespectacled, high position women also possess this very important skill. Even old, 70+ years man can termakan teh (gullible to the coyness).

So, each woman must know how to teh with style. Teh your boyfriend, male colleagues, bosses, teachers, someone’s husbands, the Ministers etc etc and life is a bed of roses. Hey, teh doesn’t mean jumping into bed, ok? Teh means getting what you want simply because you are a woman. Teh is dignity. Jumping into bed is slutty.

If I am free, I will probably write ‘Tricks of teh’. Want more?