Xiaxue is whinning….

In case some of you aren’t aware (which I also did not know until RB pointed out to me), Xiaxue came to KL. Went back and bitched about our beloved country . Nothing unusual since that’s her style.

Then ST told her off. Which results in one of my previous post because I can’t stand Malaysians cussing their own country. I do not give two hoots to what Xiaxue said but bueh tahan (cannot stand) our own countrymen with no hoots (i.e. seeds/balls in Hokkien) who stand behind her pink skirt to throw mud at us.

Now, this little girl is whinning, ” I wonder where all my readers are gone to“?

Where are my readers? I don’t wish you guys to instigate blog wars, or flame anyone who dislikes me blindly. I don’t want you guys to use personal attacks on people. Not that sort.

But I thought, the least my blogders can do for me is to defend me when I get wrongly accused, or when people get overtly vicious with their words. It hurts me to see that even stuff like the above get written about me, you readers seem to be doing nothing at all.

Now, this is interesting. She had been photoshopping other people’s photos for her own entertainment purpose and for her blodgers (i.e. her blog readers, btw) to laugh/pee/shit/stomp at. Yet, ST seems to have ruffled some of her feathers with one, single photoshopped photos. Why indeed? In my own, wise and smart guess, ST must have mean something to her. ‘Cos she probably has hide of the rhino by now. Yet this one angmoh had caused her to blog and re-blog and re-blog the matter. So, the solution is probably a date between ST and Xiaxue to settle the matter? Abuden, I heard ST is awfully tall and XX is very, very short. Beh ngam leh.


Let’s learn some lessons on blogging. My wise master has taught me a few things that probably Xiaxue may want to take note:

1) A blogger is a lonely job. Never depend on anyone, no matter how faithful your readers/followers are.

2) If you want to bitch about someone, be prepared to be hit back 100 times.

3) Speculate what kind of response you are going to get BEFORE you hit the publish button.

4) Never, ever entertain any criticisms, bad comments, rotten tomatoes. Put them in the thrash bin, where they belong.

5) There are more but heh, sorry, those are my trade secrets.

Personally, I never
1) Blog and re-blog to justify my errors. If I have really done something wrong, I apologised openly and move on.

2) I always keep in mind not to instigate hate comments. Of course, sometimes, things can get out of hand but always try to remember that others (that I don’t like) have feelings too.

As for my blog, I am forever thankful that none of my readers play the idiotic, ‘I want-to-be-a-hero I can protect you’ kinda act in my comment board. Thank God they are all mostly matured people who know when to shut up and know that I can hold the fort with my durians in my own blog.

And I must kiss the ground to thank God that I do have good buddies who defended me in other people’s blog when I was being flamed. Most times, I am not even aware of them doing it until much, much later when I discovered it. To them – call on me if you need me to char anyone. I will be the first to stand by you.

Oh ya, never say flame wars shouldn’t happen. Sometimes, it will, even when you least expect it. So, be prepared.

No hate comments, please. I am merely reflecting on what is going on between Xiaxue vs. Malaysians.

25 thoughts on “Xiaxue is whinning….

  1. long time no visit your blog until I saw your ping. iQing here šŸ™‚
    good post
    *thumb up*

    see you on the forum

  2. with great popularity comes great responsibility.

    Fact remains that she has such a huge readership, and needs to be more careful about what she writes.


  3. the phrase “It’s my blog I can write what I want,” cannot be applied anymore. I’m going to write her long email about the places she should’ve visited in Malaysia! Take care, you all!

  4. hey. just thought i’d drop a comment here.
    1st, my mum loves your site, and after dropping by (on her recommendation, of course :P) i do agree that it’s pretty cool! kudos, and keep up the good work…
    2nd, i read xiaxue’s post on kl, and it was honestly one of the most amusing (in a not so positive sense) posts i’ve read in a while… heh. i’m not a big fan of kl (currenly in penang too), but the post was just wayyy too snobbish. unfortunate. which is why i don’t visit xiaxue’s site if i can help it.
    (sorry for the long comment..)

  5. another thing, if you’re going to ‘reblog’ it pays to check your *ahem* language and *ahem* grammar.


    Hell of a difference YOU KNOW?!

    This post rawked!

  6. Fair is fair:

    Singapore is so dull it makes you cry.

    KL is interesting but dangerous

    Penang is so sweet, she makes me ache for her just after a couple of days away from the island. šŸ˜‰

  7. Lilian,

    I don’t think she should have criticised Malaysia because she ain’t go the right to do so and moreover she is just a tourist.

    And if she didn’t like KL in the first place.. Why visit Malaysia.. A bit ironic right?

    Anyways this post rawks!!!

    You go Lilian!!!


  8. That’s why I think it’s better not to speak someone, something or someplace so harshly or else the issue might turn around and bite you in the arse. Xiaxue’s post granted was somewhat overboard, but I wouldn’t blame her since she got her modesty offended during in KL.

  9. What do you expect from an Ah Lian bimbo…as we say over here… anyone noticed how very blonde she is????MUAHAHA

  10. Yvonne – Hahaha, tit for tat. Hope you agree.

    Sorcy lenglui – Kamsiah

    jimmy – If want to bitch, then must learn to take a lot of flak hor?

    romantic – You notice that too? I notice bigger boobs also. Hahaha, it is the trend here. Nothing wrong, I suppose.

    Andy – You are very kind, LOL.

    Kyels – Actually I don’t care much what she said but rather what our people are saying.

  11. 472 comments at last count. Woo hoo! All at ST vs. Xiaxue.


    Hin – Tks for the compliments on Penang. Where are you at?

    minishorts – I have one helluva good time at ST’s place. Reading and also writing.

    centerpide – Hahaha, probably Xiaxue is not so bad as what her haters said? Who knows….

    Jayelle – Hope she listens.

    nerdook – Whoa, your mom recommended to you? *cold sweats* Glad you like it. Been to your blog too.

    Edison – I think the hoo-haa is people want to say what XX said but they dare not. So, they are using her as their evil twin brother/sister to hit out at others. The world is filled with lots of angry people, I suppose.

    Life feel – Ya, you said it right.

    Cyber-red – Please ask her how her boobs seem to swell suddenly? It will be a great favour to all women.

    eyeris – Yeap, she should have think about the repercussion to step on not individual toes but the whole nation. Somemore on our Merdeka spirit spillover.

    ST – LOL. You are very powderful indeed. 472. No shit!

    Din – Done the necessary!

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