Hungry for traffic? Read this.

If you look on the right side bar, I have a blog category called ‘Blogging’. In there, I had shared many of my personal experiences on increasing blog traffic plus other stuffs related to blogging.

Some newbies (me inclusive) and wannabes are so desperate for attention and traffic that they had done some very childish acts. Examples :

1) using some better known bloggers name as their title but left no substance (I liken this to stripping in public for attention);
2) shit their comments on almost every blog (e.g. Another great post!);
3) putting misleading titles;
(ok, I am one of them sometimes)
4) intentionally create controversy;
5) go on extreme and explicit cussings;
6) send their blog pings twice (or may triple) just to garner more traffic.
7) make multiple posts per day with COPY AND PASTE materials;
8) (add any observation you found, please)

Well, I am doing a favour for these group of peope. Hey, if you feel you are not one of them, then, don’t get worked up okie?

Read what BlogHerald said about building traffic.

I know many people like to say – “I blog for myself. Traffic doesn’t mean anything.” But let’s look at it this way and think,

“My blog is great. More people should read my blog. So, I am doing a favour of making my blog known to more people.”

See? There is nothing wrong with wanting your blog to be known.

Oh ya, remember to add your comments on the boos-boos made by some bloggers who are hard pressed for traffic. Let it rip!

15 thoughts on “Hungry for traffic? Read this.

  1. I think there are two or three broad categories of blogs that try to increase traffic. There’s sensational news, that always works. There’s cussing in the post title; everyone likes ‘raw emotion’. There’s bandwagoning, intentional or not, on hot topics of the hour — usually sensational news. The one I’ve seen most often, however, is pinging PPS multiple times… entries I thought I read the night before suddenly on top of the list, sia!

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  3. hm. now i feel bad about commenting on other people’s sites. *leaves website box empty from now on* hehe.

  4. Unless we are making money out of web traffic, I don’t see much point in going into such desperate measures..
    Anyhow… I think is good to leave a comment on something I’ve read as an appreciation to the blogger (although some might not appreciate it that much)..

  5. maybe we can do what xiaxue does. occasionally splatter words like “cunninlinggus” “vulva” all over your post. these are the most “searched” words in any search engines. She is very cunning.
    To save a bit of time and make 2 comments, this one is for your post concerning xiaxue. I been there maybe three times. I don’t like it. I prefer yours better. At least you talk with substance.

  6. I check my traffic to see who refers to my blog only and well, occasionally also to check whether got people read my blog onot =P Eh, seriously, if you see so many people reading your blog, you get motivated to provide better posts šŸ˜‰

    Pinging…hmm…I only ping stuffs I want to share with PPS readers…yang personal personal, I don’t ping them.

  7. yeah I pretty much do what S-Kay does…ping blogs which I want discussion…personal ones about my own life…well that’s a treat I reserve for those who check me out on a daily basis…

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