Psst..women, who are your dream men?

Bumped into a former director of my ex-company. People used to call him names ‘cos he was appointed by the company to ‘turnaround’. That means he has to fire, fire, fire, cut cost, re-sizing etc. But I was a secretary and hence, got to see part of him that others don’t. Like how he really felt when making those unkind but necessary decisions.

On the exterior, he is stone face and arrogant. Hardly smile. But that’s what make him intriguing, isn’t it?

Last evening, I thought he can’t recognised me. But he did! And my former secretary-self popped out and I blurted, “Aww…Mr. Mysterious! You haven’t aged a bit! You are still in Penang? I thought you are back in JB!”

You go die lah, 5xmom. You are no longer a sexyturkey. You cannot get away with that kind of remarks. But heh, he gave me a shy smile and gave me his card! Goodness, he doesn’t know my surname so he can’t possibly find the blog.

Then, once upon a time when I was holed up in the ICU taking care of my baby for two months, I also ‘diverted’ my attention.

*beep, beep, beep* (those machines sound)
*Misi, tolong…sakit* (by-pass surgeries dem painful when the patients recovered and they groan all the time)
*teet, teet, teet, Code Blue* (someone got heart arrest and want to matilah)
*crying relatives at deathbeds*

5xmom to S/N G (staff nurse G) : Don’t kacau me, I want to see Mr. E. (quickly shift to more prominent location to ogle Mr. E)

*Mr. E is a surgeon. Surgeons carry the title Mr. instead of Dr.*

S/N G : ROTLHAO, You siao chah boh, you got no taste in men! OMG, of all the doctors, you want to khau him?

5xmom : *ish* Not khau la, want to admire only. You want me to die ah, afterwards my Mr. Loh (atm) know, he changed hospital you baru tau.

S/N G : You got no taste la. He (Mr. E) cannot smile, always so masam muka like people owe him likedat. Never talk to us (nurses).

5xmom : Aiyah, that’s what makes him mysterious la. He from Havard you know. So tall, dark and almost handsome.

S/N G : He is balding la. You go pick someone younger can or not?

5xmom : Ish, don’t disturb, hope he sees me. *put on hiao mode*

(BTW, Mr. E is a devoted husband/father and a member of my church. I still get to ‘see’ him until today! I admire all doctors who are doctors and yet, believe in God. They are the ones who re-affirm my belief in God.)


(Don’t anyone dare make any accusations on me, ok? I ask Mr. Turnaround and wrap up your company and get Mr. Surgeon to cut your heart and lungs out, baru tau. But frankly, it was very, very hard to step into the ICU everyday and had to put on a cheerful front for my baby. So, ‘diversions’ helped me cope.)

So, psssst…ladies, what kind of men do you admire? I said admire means you see but no touch one, ok? No dirty thoughts and hanky-panky, ok? Men, you can benefit from peeking and copy cat those mysterious, intriguing figures.

12 thoughts on “Psst..women, who are your dream men?

  1. Man i admire.! Michael McDermott..!! Guest of the hotel i used to work in.. and turned into friend.
    He is funny, polite.. gracious.. loyal.. smart.. successful.. generous.. love his wife (then g/f) also became good friends..and very knowledgeable.. ! widely travelled… responsible.. and ambitious..! and FUN..!!
    Yup.. i admire Michael McDermott..!! want his email addy..?? hahhahahah!!!
    ok.. after lara smack me on my face..!! hhahahah!!!

  2. My current beau is tall, having a receding hairline (balding and loosing hair like a sheep in a tropical weather), wrinkling around his eyes, have hair growing out of his body from his torso to the back (ladies, it’s notttt that sexy), pimples growing everywhere on his back and around his chin and etc.

    Like Lillian thinks of Mr. E, he’s smart and very kind. Not too much into God though, but very much into his family. Haven’t known him long enough to see if that’s a good thing or bad thing. Got to stop before I turn it into a post. I might as well copy and post that later.

  3. I like men with great sense of humor, no jocks, glasses ( not the bottle cap type- brings a sense of seriousness and intelligence), not hairy ( thank God hubby isnt LOL)likes animals, considerate, . All I can say is if a guy has good qualities , he can look like a turnip for all I care..MUAHAHA ( maybe not TOOO much like a turnip hehehe)

  4. Like Lilian, i admire docs who are really docs ( a surgeon perhaps!) I had a minor operation 2 yrs ago and met wif this kind,cheerful and angmoh like surgeon (think he’s from a mixed parentage). Can’t wait to meet him again for the next appointment but that’s just ‘admire’ coz he can be my father ! Hahahahahhaa

  5. Like KEF, my man is tall, a head taller than me (Lilian, you know how tall I am so you can imagine lar), residing hairline as well, and has got a hairy chest AND back (true, it is NOT sexy) but what attracts me to him is that he’s very into God and is somewhat my spiritual pillar, VERY intelligent, gentle, understanding n from what I see, would be a great family man.

    I remember this one guy who was my uncles’ customer and we (uncle’s family & I) took him to Kek Lok Si once, he was a German guy if I’m not mistaken and until today, I cannot forget his ice blue eyes. WAH!!! Can drown in it n his cologne – Givenchy….wahhhh…..cannot forget the smell. Men who smell good & has a trim goatee always get extra points from me. šŸ˜€

  6. Yes. Deep, dark, tall mysterious men always get us females quaking at the knees. Why? because our over-active minds will conjure up romantic ideals about the said man. Since there is so much we don’t know about the guy, so we let our minds fill in the blanks, and more often than not, it’d be something inspired by all the romance films/books/songs we have heard in our entire lives.

    As for men I admire (admire meaning not just blind crushing, right?), I like someone with substance and one who is deep. Like my bf šŸ™‚

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