Being a 41 yo blogger means

Being 41 means:

1) I have more topics to blog than others. I don’t need to circle around bitching about hugging politicians, PMS or poor, innocent donkeys.

2) I can say, “Been there, done that” and mean it.

3) I can take lots of jokes, including being stripped bare.

4) My charring skill improves with age.

5) I can be buddies with any age group except Ah Pek (giving hiao looks to Ah Pek) because they are either my kids’ age group, my nieces and nephews age group or soulmates.

*squeezing brain juices to think of more ego boosting points* Die! No more dy.

Please add some!

16 thoughts on “Being a 41 yo blogger means

  1. Wish you are be-earlier birdday.
    I agree with you on the ah pek part … seemed that every woman near him also got her papaya molested … kaka

  2. you get to say
    ‘back in my time long long ago when I was young we never had (insert anything modern/electronic/expensive). you young(er) people/bloggers now have it so easy.’ šŸ˜›

  3. Bryan – Hey that’s a good one. So much nicer than salt and rice comparison. Will use that next time.

    yuin – Yalor, I can write about ‘Last time the only notebook we have is the 555 brand costing 5 cents’.

    egghead – It is tomorrow. Lucky Seven.

    Inevitable – Lucky Wingz and Ah Pek exist only on cyberspace. But I can tell you Wingz also talks like he writes. Only much funnier. Psstt..

    Max – Aiyah, I make sure you don’t forget. Tomorrow I remind you, LOL.

  4. I wanna b d 1st to sing u this …
    Happy B’day to youuuuu
    Happy B’day to youuuuu
    Happy Birtthhhday happy birthdayyyyyyyyyyy….
    Happy B’day to Liliannnnnnnnnnnnnn….

  5. kung juk lei fuk sau yee thin chai ~~~
    Hing hor lei sang sun fai lork ~~~
    Lin lin dow yau kam yart~~~~
    Sui sui dow yak kung jiew ~~~~
    Kung hei nei~~~ kung hei nei ~~~

  6. Do we share the same birthdate? Mine is Sept 6 and i blogged about it yesterday.
    Anyway, happy Birthday co-celebrator! (provided yr birthday is on Sept 6)

  7. Being 41 .. you donch care 2 hoot.. what others may interprete with your writing.. because it doesn’t matter what they think.. as long as you are happy..!
    How’s that..??
    Being 41 .. you have recipes that crazy chinese woman residing in canada .. needs from you.
    Being 41… most bloggers think of you.. when we have weird questions about child raising..!
    Happy birthday..Dear Lilian..!

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