DOM (Dirty old men) & being above 40

When I was 10, they were nice uncles;

When I was 20, they were dirty old men;

When I was 30, they were still dirty old men;


When I am above 40, I am their potential life partner!

OMG, that’s the realisation that dawned on me. These few days, I had been hanging around at the Penang Youth Park because my kids are so into skate-boarding.

OMG, help me!!!!!

At that hour (after 3pm), lots and lots of retirees will be there. I don’t know why but when men reached mid-life as in retired, their spouses do not follow them. Probably dead or out playing mahjong?

So, these big, ole boys will hang around in packs and boast the day away. In their loudest voice. Like how many hills they can climb or what supplements they take to make them stronger etc.

Unfortunately, the big, ole girls (as in grandmas) do not do their line dancing (puke!) at that hour. So, besides the monkeys at the park, I am one of the few female species hanging around the place. No other things to entertain them and hence….. (you imagine yourself la, I cannot write them out, too geli/iccky)

*Making mental note to follow my atm EVERYWHERE when he retires. Lucky, he retires at 60 yrs old.*

*sobs* One more day and I am over the hill and down the valley of midlife!

11 thoughts on “DOM (Dirty old men) & being above 40

  1. Mom, understand the DOM at their age is drawing upon qualities and knowledge that “existed” in their past or “will exist” in their future by acting as if the ages are probable (simultaneous).

    Sexual behavior obviously will be considered depraved by those most afraid of their sensual natures.

    But do remember, as young adults if you believe sex is GOOD but old age is BAD, then you will find it impossible to consider exuberant sexuality when you get older.

    Trust yourself for greater self-understanding and you will need not project repressed tendencies upon others.

  2. lilian, 40 and you say u’re over the hill? wait till you get to my age! last year, this time, i was in a classroom of students young enough to be my children. Insyaallah this year, I graduate with them. Its hard – but being with them keeps me alive.
    I’ll be here for you tomorrow! one more day!

  3. Mg – Hahaha, now I get over paranoid. Neighbours holding lift for me also I wonder what prawn behind the rocks. Hahaha. No celeb. I will tell you (blog) why later.

    Kak Teh – Frankly, I enjoy being 40 plus but wish to allow myself a little self-pity.

    ah pek – Yahor, maybe I should see it positively – like saham naik. LOL!

    Max – We have lots of outdoor gym equipments. Go twisting one la, sit ups la, pool also. BUT there is not red thongs, only in someone’s imagination. LOL!

    egghead – Kamsiah, kamsiah. Midlife crisis temporarily only.

    Modmom – Wow, your comments very hard to decipher.

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