I fart more than you breathe!

Nyek…I can say:

1) I eat salt more than you eat rice;

2) I farted more than you breathed; (thanks to Bryan for the idea and title.)

3) I have had more lovers than you have pimples;

4) The amount of shits I produced are more than the bulk of food you ate;

5) I have had sex more often than you sneezed;

6) I told more lies than the number of your pubic hairs.

There are 10 points actually. But I censored them for fear of kena labelled – fatt hou.

Damn! I got a few emails and they made me even more nervous. *Biting nails!* I don’t want to have my birthday!!!

Why? Because of this:


The picture at the bottom right.

Since three years ago, by the time my birthday comes along, I know it is going to be Vincent’s birthday soon. On the 24th. And way before 24th, I will start getting a sick feeling in my stomach. I had that feeling since several days ago.

*Shake, shake, shake* Trying to get over the roller-coaster feelings.

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