To be a good President and Hurricane Katrina

To be a good President/Prime Minister/Chairman you need the following qualifications:

1) be able to cry

2) be able to show the right expression for the right occassion

3) know how to hug a person properly

4) never touch or scratch your nose

amongst others.

And through this Hurricane Katrina, I realised that not all Americans are blonde, blue eyes, Hollywood materials who live on gold-paved roads.

I also learnt that no super-powers are strong or good enough for Mother Nature’s wrath.

In 2001 during the 9-11, I discovered that tragedies will bring out the best and worst in a person/country. I think the Mayor of NY City was a better leader than the country’s leader. He was the coolest man, ever.

In 2005 during Hurricane Katrina, I discovered that America seriously need another person like that Mayor Rudolph Giuliani.

(ignore my ramblings, I am bored out of my brains so I read the world news)

9 thoughts on “To be a good President and Hurricane Katrina

  1. 5) He also need to wear clean clean clothes, go to the disaster site, hold some piece of wood without dirtying his clothes, smile, take photo and post on White House’s website.

  2. doc – And make sure he blogs it and PING to the whole world?

    Bawang Merah – I dunno la, somehow, our news on the mainstream seem skewed a bit. It’s like nothing much happen eventhough 10,000 died. Instead, we see other stuffs on the headlines. I feel human lives are still human lives, no matter who they are.

  3. Thats why I’ve been glued to BBC and CNN last weekend and at night this past few days. I can’t seem to find good blogs to read though regarding katrina.

  4. I wonder what would happen if a hurricane swept across KL…
    Maybe all our leaders will fly in their own helicopters and private jet to other countries and set up their base there to “handle” the crisis!

  5. Yeah…agree on the part that nothing much happen, feel kind of weird.
    BTW, heard over the news that the President refused to accept helps from other countries. Even Afghanistan donated USD100k. Hope I got heard it right.
    Ang again looking at the expression on his face during another site visit…I really feel tak puas hati!

  6. Lil,
    What New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin facing is, in my personal opinion, 1000X more than the NYC Mayor. For the case of 9/11, eventhough no major indication before hand, the other infrastructure is still in tact and also not to mention, the politicians do hv additional “udang di sebalik batu” to promote counter terrorism etc.
    Mayor RY case, everything the whole place is gone bye bye … no bomba, no police no anything – similar like Tsunami case. And to make it worse, the politician do not hv detect any “udang” this time. And to add to the insult, the areas affected are a bit of “lower class”, the poor, the colored people … I just hope the Americans do remember this when time for their election.


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