9 thoughts on “Have you read this?

  1. aiya….no wonder la, my traffic not so much today. i didnt post my birthday wishes for you in YOUR blog but in MINE. bodoh nyer……

    anyway, still 7th so HAPPY BIRTHDAY lilian!! šŸ˜€

  2. Eliar – You are pimping with style. Most welcome to do it here but my traffic suxs, so you proabably have more bisnes from doc.

    ashotiwoth – Thank you! Wah…saw your post in XX. LOL at the fire hydrant and big glasses.

    Yvy – Thank you sooooooo much for that post.

    egghead – it is probably a stunt

    James – Telima kasik

    n305er – Dun care le she blog or not ‘cos I never read her. Tks.

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